How old is Kyle Fluge?

Are we ever told how old the rider from the Panzer Dragoon is?

Wasn’t he 16? I think it was in some promotional material… book maybe. Or perhaps the anime.

Just as an addendum, why are heroes of games/RPGs/anime always so young? Seriously, they’re always mid-to-late teens, without exception. Edge was probably only around 17 (not sure). Funnily enough, the experienced wise-men figures are usually only in their late 20s.

Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Kyle was 16, that’s plenty of time to become an experienced hunter/dragon rider.

While we’re on the topic is his name officially Kyle or Keil? And if it is Keil, would that be pronounced like “Kayl” in Japan?

I can easily imagine him being 16 in the anime. Because he is entirely motivated by sex. (Yeah, he says it’s to protect his LADY but that’s just a fancy wording of the same thing.)

For the game though, I like to think he’s older. It’s kind of a cultural thing (his tribe could consider him a worthy adult at age 16). But he clearly has the role of hunter for his village, and he is not being guided along by the others he’s with. Also I would wager that a real-life 16 year old would not be so quick to pick up a gun and hop on a giant mythical beast in response to a psychic vision. I don’t know, it just seems more adult. I’d like to think he’s in his 20s.

Well a big part of that is that the intended audience are teenagers and “teen culture” puts being ~16 as being the peak years of existence. You’re no longer a child but you haven’t become crusty and boring yet. Because teen culture puts value on having awesome teen years, older viewers who had a dull adolescence may have vicarious pleasure through the awesome lives of the characters.

It was probably Keil. That sounds more in line with the alien nature of the world.

In fact, Kyle sounds incredibly dumb when you consider what everyone else is named. Lundi, Gash, Zastava, Azel, and…Kyle? That’s like running into someone named ‘Nick’ in the Seekers Stronghold. Just doesn’t match.

According to Panzer Dragoon Orta, he’s Kyle: … dragon.php

However, according to this official wallpaper, his name is Keil.

I suppose either name could be considered canon? I like to call him Keil, as it sounds more exotic.

Here’s the thing though…

Regardless of how exotic his first name is, his second name is Fluge :anjou_angry: