How much play time did it take you to beat PDS?

I’ve never played this game so I’d just like to know how long did it take those who played it the first time?

How about playing it while completing all side quests and getting everything?

If I remember right it took me about 21 hours officially the first time, and that’s with a lot of wandering around mapping and looking for things I’d missed. Every last thing in the game could probably be done in about 12 hours though.

I think my first playthrough was around 16 hours. I did some exploring but stopped when approaching the end of the game.

Roughly 20 hours.

Geez that was 8 years ago man… I don’t quite recall it… :anjou_embarassed:

My first time through was more or less 18.5 hours.

It took me a bit over 20 hours to complete, all in all. Sure was worth every minute. =D