How difficult was PDS to make?

how difficult was PDS to make by comparison to other 3d rpgs of the time like final fantasy

No way to answer that question, not even a team member could for sure. But I think the only edge in production FF7 has over PDS is the prerendered CG. In everything else Azel is ahead, ahead of its time even. The 3D engine is probably the most sophisticated of any Saturn game overall, the lighting is excellent, the modeling is phenomenal and the animation is almost incredible. The sheer amount of different assets for the real time environments, and the work of putting them together so well, and all the voice acting… I don’t think there’s any contest on the ‘efforts’ of it really. Maybe there’s other games of the generation that match it, but I still doubt it. Admittedly I’m biased, but I think I can also be objective. At the time SEGA also had a huge pool of experience, and the production system and ethic of an arcade giant. They got their money’s worth from their staff time.