How can i play azel on a US saturn

i know the action replay wont work…
so will the ST key work?.. i found one for cheap and i was thinking if i should get it… and what about the game shark?.. will that work?..

PLEASES HELP!!.. i tried google and i couldnt find anything…

Welcome, kingdavid.

Lance has written some information about using an action reply cartridge here: … _codes.php

Alternatively, you could try playing the game on a Windows PC using the SSF Saturn emulator:

i already saw those action replay codes… thats why i came to ask here =P… and unfortualy i’m not smart enough to use a emulator … if any one finds out anything about the st key or gameshark let me know :slight_smile:
and the reason i want the Japanese version is because i’m too poor for a English version :anjou_sad: