Horizon: Zero Dawn


I stopped at around 60 hours with all side-quests completed, and an 88% total completion rate. There were still things to do but I don’t think there’s anything left in terms of story. Completing side quests first is a good idea. I didn’t think the game was particularly difficult on Normal, but you can’t get careless against the stronger opponents, and it helps being a few levels higher than required.

That’s a lot of games by the way.


Yea, I can see there is quite a lot of content if you do all side quests. I like the game more & more. That’s quite fun, I killed my first sort of mini boss tonight but had a horrible bug here:

Fix this @Playstation
Took me some time to kill & get stuck in wall !#HorizonZeroDawnhttps://t.co/2Y8KSOge8P pic.twitter.com/7bi9UdA5zU

— PanzerDragoonWorld (@PanzDragWorld) 1 août 2017

Managed to move from this beast to find out I was actually stuck under the ground textures ! Hope you patch it @PlayStation @PlayStationEU pic.twitter.com/NpoS6Zw7dT

— PanzerDragoonWorld (@PanzDragWorld) 1 août 2017

This “share” feature on the PS4 is pretty cool, it does all the redimension stuff & so on, so pretty easy to share on twitter. I hope they can fix the problem with that !


I think I am close to the end of the game, although you are never sure with Horizon…

I got the ultimate armor, need to test it in battle now…

There is an area south west of the map, which I have not explored yet. Are there no quests there ? Is it just an area for exploration and with one ruin ?


That armor arguably too good. Once you have that there’s no reason whatsoever to use the old ones.

I do believe there are quests there, though I’m not entirely sure.

Minor spoiler:

The number of allies that join you in the final battle depends on the quests you’ve completed. There’s an achievement linked to it. You also get an opportunity to talk to everyone before the final battle. I wish they had done a bit more with this, as the characters are not developed as well as in games like Mass Effect 2.


Yup, this armor is crazy, its like doubling your life points somehow.

I finished the game yesterday, and actually did all secondary quests before so I guess I had all possible allies.
Overall, I really liked this game. I will play the DLC for sure and the game is well prepared for sequels…
That red thing flying at the end, come on, it was a bit unrealistic…

Now I will probably collect all remaining collectibles, a few bandit camps, the hunting quests & tutorial quests (which I hate) & I guess it will be it until DLC. Don’t really understand the point in starting a new game+ as they call it. They give you body paint but that’s it ? Not going to re do the whole game again. I guess it may be interesting to do that again in a few years but not now.

Now I understand what I didn’t like when I first grabbed PS4+Horizon: the motion blur looked too artificial for me, but you get used to it.
Probably because I am a photographer and I have seen what they try to do with smartphones, they do digital blurring but that’s currently still noticeably different from you achieve with actual lenses. So this effect + the fact that the camera was quite close to the hero was a bit annoying to me but I got used to it…


This is the launch trailer for the new expansion:

Judging from the reviews, it doesn’t really change the formula all that much, and it’s essentially another 15 hours of Horizon: Zero Dawn. That’s good enough for me.


I will get this. Just wonder if I am going to finish ACO first or jump straight to this DLC…

EDIT: also if ppl are interrested in getting this game at an affordable price, base.com has listed the “Complete Edition” around 40€. It has the original deluxe version + DLC included.


I finished this DLC. It was a nice way to return to this special world.
There were quite a few quests and the main one was quite good. It’s designed as a side chapter, so the events still occur before the final battle in the main game so I guess we couldn’t have majore revelations anyway. I just wished we had more ‘revelations’ about the machines and the ‘past’ but I guess it will be for the next game.

A few shots I took, although I find this photo mode not as convenient as in ACO for instance:


Nice screenshots! I bought the DLC at launch but only just started the new quest. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to completing it to be honest, I still have Uncharted: Lost Odyssey to complete as well.