Hope for Gungriffon

Hey folks this is my first post here !

As Gungriffon (and Gungriffon Blaze) are the only mech games I’ve ever played that felt just right, I wonder if there is any hope for the franchise in the form of remakes or sequels whatsoever?

I know about HIGH-MACS Sim on PC and I’m happy and grateful someone made an entirely new game from scratch with everything being old school the way it should be. But - and this is the thing - when I first played Gungriffon Blaze on the PS2 (with all it’s flaws) it reminded me of how much potential a fluid and technically modern Gungriffon would have.

Whenever I don’t know what to play or I’m not even in the mood for gaming I turn to GG-Blaze and I’m right there inside the cockpit. The instantly rewarding arcade experience with customization and tactical components is so gripping I wonder how modern audiences would react to a well made sequel.

What’s in the future?

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It’s dead, Jim. Probably. Give the MechWarrior series a chance. I love Gungriffon if you saw the other thread for HIGH-MACS Simulator but imo MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries (which I only first played like a decade after its launch) is the best mech game ever made, I treat quick missions in that the way you treat firing up Blaze. Granted the mechs don’t slide around but you can customize some pretty nimble ones and also equip them with a jet pack to jump around while the missions have a similar combined arms feel with tons of different enemy types outside mechs, from tanks to helicopters and stuff, it’s great and chaotic. It’s not that much of a sim if that worries you (but imo you do need a flight stick, at least a simple and cheap one like the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro or Thrustmaster T16000, but every PC gamer should have one of those anyway imo, makes all kinds of games much more fun and is not expensive like a decent wheel that’s only good for racing), lots of old PC games that were so called sims back in the day are in fact pretty damn fun. Nothing like real flight simulators or anything that sucks the fun out of the concept. Vox Machinae is a more limited PVP focused game (with bots and stuff if you want solo/co-op) but it’s super cool in VR, you really feel like you’re in the cockpit of a giant metal titan. All the mechs here have a much more powerful jetpack than MechWarrior and it can be used to kind of boost around at any level too. It’s pretty unique (but again VR is a must have for this game imo). The mechs in Titanfall 2 are fun too, but they play more like giant FPS characters than mechs and it doesn’t have missions in the same way, rather a linear COD style campaign to get through. Daemon X Machina is pretty decent but again those are more Armored Core style anime mechs that can fly than hulking walking tanks (and it’s third person). Brigador is a fun isometric mech shooter if you wanna give something like it a shot. Mechs are too cool for their rarity.

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Thanks for the tip, just checked out some Mechwrrior 4 footage and it looks great ! Seems to have that arcade-simulation mix going on I crave. If I can make it work with my 8bitzero2 controller (I know, I’m sorry - it’s a long story) I will jump right into the drivers seat ! Titanfall looks like a one and done kinda deal to me, if it’s ever on a deep sale I will get it, I’m only interested in the single player though.

I tried Daemon X Machina but the always-on auto aim turned me off. The aiming and shooting is the main most essentail mechanic in these kind of games, I don’t get why they removed that, or never patched a manual aim in.

Anyways thanks for the answer ! I might try to emulate GunGriffon Allied Assault but the consensus is it’s really bad… any thoughts?

Dunno about AA. If that gamepad is the one I think then it has even less action buttons than a Saturn pad, you aren’t gonna play MW4: Mercenaries with that I’m afraid (too many functions even for a Saturn pad). But if you have at least a modern dual analog controller like Xbox or PS style you might be able to make some decent profile with some button mapping application, excluding some less important functions.

I see. If I can make MW4 work on this controller I might have to sacrifice a lot of functions, but making all my games work with very limited controls has become part of the fun weirdly enough. Just hope there is a single button for weapon cycling otherwise I might be effed.

Managed to make Gungriffon 1 / Blaze / High-Macs sim work so far but granted they offer very traditional control schemes.