Homestarrunner + Wii = awesome to the max

For those of you who don’t obsessively visit every 10 minutes … and also do own a Wii … and also do have an internet connection on said Wii … and also do have the Wii Opera browser …

Here’s some news, for, you, very very specific crowd.

The Brothers’ Chaps have re-worked a few of their free online games to work with the Wii Browser.

Wii + Homestar! It’s a marriage made somewhere west of Albuquerque for sure.

Not sure if the games also work on the PS3 browser … but it’s worth a try. (I’ll try later.)

Check them out on your Wii by linking here on yer’ Vii…er, Wii.

sounds nice…too bad i don’t have a wii

Lol, you CAN play them (and a LOT more over at the regular site) on your web browser if you have flash installed.

Why play it on Wii then?


Thanks for the elaborate details about Wii’s weaknesses. I never thought about all that before. I’m selling mine asap!

Good get rid of that piece of shit right now