Homage to PD in Zelda:TP?

Has anyone else played the part in Twilight Princess where you go up the river from the lake on a dragon? Everything about that bit, especially the music, is incredibly PD. Even my sister, who has only ever heard me play PD in the background remarked on it before I said anything. Wish I had a video to supplement this.

EDIT: just found one, in fact: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SflgFmCKJlQ)

I believe I’ve seen a glimpse of it in some trailer and it did remind me of PD but I figured it’s not the case for real as I only saw a few seconds of it.

It has a few seconds here:
It looks a bit like a pterodactyl, and he’s not actually ON it, he seems to be held below the beast. But yes it does look similar, of course it could simply be a gameplay idea from lylat wars put into the Zelda universe which has no spaceships… Is that the same bit you played or was it actually a dragon riding sequence that you saw?

Yeah wolflink is held by the creature and midna’s riding on top of it. The dragonlike creature is a genericy bird monster. Watch the video in the OP anyway, the similarities are really compelling.

Ops, missed that video the first time. Yeah it does look similar… You can dash like in Orta?

wow that one really is very Panzer-ish, as you say right down to the music.

Seems too simialr to be a pure coincidence …

hmmmmm yeah thats quite nice actually! the music does sound dimillar, especially the orchestral quior parts (dunno if i put that right)

even the end where it ends with the bright end of tunnel light (like in tunnels on PD) and the sound of the wings when landing, is extremely like PDS

But then, that bright WHOOSH you get at the end of the tunnel you get whenever you exit a darker place and venture into a lighter new area in the Zelda games.