Apparently someone grabbed this from a sega website a short time ago. Have a look. It’s NiGHTS orientated.

Elliot’s basketball, and the little trill at the start of “Growing Wings”. Could be the Eyetoy games which are reputed to be coming soon, but it might not be…

Looks fan made to me. Sega are no Bungie. They’re not the fan teasing type. But having said that, if this was meant to tease fans regarding an upcoming game then it’s a tad too obvious. I doubt we’ll ever see another proper NiGHTS game anyhoo.

I couldn’t see it. The video just said “it’s a fake”.

I really want to see it anyway. Are there any mirrors?

Yeah, I noticed that video earlier on today, so I did a bit of investigating; unfortunately it definitely is a hoax, as the author owned up to it on this NiGHTS forum. You can still download the video from that thread, I think.