Hmm...memory cell's in Orta

PD Legacy says thus:

[quote]Sestren’s Memory Cells seem to contain bits of recorded dialogue that took place earlier in the game. There are some things in there that I’ve never heard before, though… where are they from?
Added by Lance Way

Lance: Depending on how quickly you defeat the two sub-bosses in this Episode, you can be taken to a variety of different Memory Cells. The Memory Cells immediately after the first sub-boss all contain dialogue from earlier in this game, but the Memory Cells following the second sub-boss do not.

Three of the five Memory Cells from this second group contain dialogue from the previous Panzer Dragoon games, and these lines are explained in part 2 of the cameos section. The following two lines that appear in another Memory Cell are vaguely mysterious however, as they apparently do not appear in any of the Panzer Dragoon games:

“She is the seed of our future…”

“We must protect it at all costs.”

The generally accepted explanation is that this is the Seekers talking about the young Orta, which would explain why they use both the term “her” and the term “it”. A voice actor for Gash (the Seeker leader from Panzer Dragoon Saga) is actually listed in the credits for this game, and as no other new dialogue could realistically belong to him it seems that these lines must be his.

The other Memory Cell following the second sub-boss contains a large golden symbol-like entity which new fans may also find very mysterious; this is explained below.[/quote]

I do not think this is accurate. Yes, Gash is listed in the credits, but his voice is heard in another memory cell. I’ve only visited it twice or something, but it is DEFINITELY the quotes about “We’re just being kept alive” from Saga.

Therefore, I thought the “she is the seed of our future” was a line from Edge, who’s voice is given in Orta’s credits.


I don’t think Edge would refer to Orta as “it”… And umm, if he knew about Orta then wouldn’t that mean that Azel did find him eventually? So, unless you have a theory about what else he could be talking about…

Though I can’t really comment since I only played through the game once so I haven’t listened to enough of the memory cells (or even remember the ones I did listen to).

After writing that up I actually came to a different conclusion too, though that did seem to be the “generally accepted explanation” at the time. I’m not sure what topic I posted this in before, but in summary, I agree with you totally about Gash; his name in the credits is accounted for by the lines:

We’re not really alive…
We’re just being forced to live.

The Ancients’ spirits are
making sure of that.

…which are certainly meant to be those lines he spoke in Saga, albeit worded slightly differently here, as all of the “retranslations” in the memory cells are worded differently to a greater or lesser extent (because, of course, they were done by different translators). The original lines were:

But we’re not really living.
Just being kept alive.

But I’m sick of being kept alive
by the ghosts of the ancient ones.

Now I don’t know if you noticed while playing, but all of the quotes in the first group of memory cells (the ones that you can enter after the first sphere sub-boss) are from Panzer Dragoon Orta, and all of the quotes in the second set of memory cells (after the second sphere boss) are from the era of the Saturn games. Importantly, the lines “She is the seed of our future… We must protect it at all costs” appear in the second set of memory cells; because of this, my personal opinion is that those lines are just a retranslation of something that one of the Seekers says about Azel in Panzer Dragoon Saga. In the PDS script, you’ll find the lines:

She’s the one.
We must protect her at all costs.

…which could easily be a more mundane rendition of:

She is the seed of our future…
We must protect it at all costs.

…in fact, those lines would be less altered than Gash’s lines above. It’s a pretty boring explanation for those mysterious lines, but I do think it’s the most likely one given the evidence…

What I don’t get, is why they have the memory cells in the first place. And I’ve beaten the game mutiple times, and i agree with Lance Way. But I have another question, why must they protect her at all costs? Is it because that Orta is almost similar to Azel? Or the fact that she can save the world from its doomed self? And why does one of memory cells tell Lagi that he should stop because he is weak or something? Oh, and I’m sorry if you think I went off topic. :anjou_embarassed:

Sestren is basically a kind of cyberspace, it stores data among other things, and Orta happened to pass through those cells that contained that data and so viewed them.

We know this kind of functions even from PDS where Edge and his dragon view events of the previous games inside those memory orbs. And Sestren exis uses projections of “things of the past” to attack with.

You should have known that much since PDS is your favorite :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, they are recodings played back sort of so that thing is not “a cell” telling Lagi to stop. It’s the “discussion” Lagi had after the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga, with the Heresy Program, the program that “possessed” the coolia in PDZwei and turned it into a dragon, Lagi.

At the end of PDS however the Heresy Program remained in Sestren (I think it kind of replaced Sestren exis, the last boss) and deactivated itself. Lagi, the leftover half of the dragon, could have done that as well apparently but instead it chose to go back to the real world. The Heresy Program warned that it was now a mortal and would eventually die just like everything else living if it chose to return to the real world outside Sestren. Lagi returned anyway apparently to watch over Orta. And his death does come eventually just like the HP warned.

For whatever reason we only hear the Heresy Program’s half of the discussion played back in that memory cell. Then again, Lagi is a dragon so it can’t quite speak so perhaps it was replying with some kind of telepathy.

As for the rest questions, hell if anyone knows. We simply don’t know, they are just hints given to us from the game to makes us wonder just like you are wondering now about what sort of things is Orta the key to, what kind of powers she may possess inherrited from her mother and other such things. But we don’t know. We can only hope that we will see a future game (that will be developed better than PDO hopefully) in the series that will answer some of our questions and bring more unanswered ones to the table as usual.

Ohhhhh. Now I get it… Cause at the end of Saga, it kinda had me thinking for a bit. Then I played Orta and it got me a little confused. Those lines in PDO memory cells sounded familer. So, but why do yuo think they put those lines from Gash in Saga into Orta? Do think there trying to tell us something? Or are they trying to tell Orta something something about the future of the world? Or are we going to have to wait for this next PD game to find out? I think thats whats going to happen… Thanks for your oppinion.

Neither we nor Orta know a lot about her heritage (we probably know more than her though) so I suppose hints to us are also hints to her just as much when presented that way. It’s also another way to link Orta to the rest of the series to someone who has played them…