High-res pic of PD1 cover sans logo?

I’m honestly considering getting a tattoo based on the Panzer Dragoon 1 JPN box, or some other Moebius artwork. There’s a pic of the box without the logo out there, but I think I would want a high-quality reference.

Anyone know where I can obtain this?


Has those pictures in the Panzer Dragoon - Various Art section, they’re not tremendously high res but might work.

Looks like the title/logo would be pretty easy to photoshop off of the image. If you’d like to try your hand at it, I could scan in the cover at a nice, high resolution for you.

I’ve already found it sans logo:


But it’s low-res and it’s a gif so it’s dithered to 256 colors. I’m thinking of just trying to get some Moebius books and find a suitable image from there.

Will you use more than 256 colors on a tattoo? oO

That would be extremely painful.

Look who’s back :slight_smile:

Haha… yeah, summer quarter nearly killed me.

Nice to be back again. =)