I’m very happy to see all the E3 action being covered this week.

Being an open minded gamer who buys just about every system that comes to market, this is the best time of year to see what to expect for the upcoming holiday season and beyond…

…however, this is the WORST time of year at the Panzer forums.

I have NO interest in debating with fanboys over what system will be BETTER, who stole what from who, and who will WIN the console “WAR”.

So, until the PS3 and Wii LAUNCH, and debates / arguments can be made based on hands-on experience and not speculation, I refuse to participate in any thread leaning in one direction or another.

I think the 360 has shown a lot of promise, and I think both the PS3 and Wii have some great things in store for the world of gaming.

Regardless of any speculation, price points or innovations, I think the pecking order of system dominance in the USA WILL remain exactly the same after all three systems are on the market.

But I’m not privy to say one is BETTER than the other, or that ONE will make the other two disappear from the market.

That’s all really. Just wanted to throw my two cents in, then retire to the privacy of my own bubble while the rest of the fanboys give themselves headaches.


Common sense on the internet?!