Hey!Vote for PDS!Now!


Vote for PDS now!!!

I can’t believe Golden Eye is winning!I just can’t!!!

EDIT: That fro was getting on my nerves…

My vote will be there soon. Golden Eye is a great game but it is just a FPS. Unfortunately more people knows GE than PDS.

I voted for PDS, but I voted for GE in my personal bracket for the contest 'cos it’s obviously gonna win :confused:

Super Mario 64 Vs NiGHTS is the next showdown. It’s a shame Mario’s gonna win, no matter how good NiGHTS is, virtually no one has actually played it so the votes are gonna suffer :frowning:

PDS is doing surprisingly well. Yeah, it won’t win, but 20% for a game which is relatively unknown compared to Goldeneye is pretty good.

I really dont see the point of such a contest where one is FPS and the other to a RPG.

I just want to see PDS get more votes than copies made. That would make my day.

Quite :slight_smile:

I voted by the way.

NiGHTS will poll higher than PDS Id wager. This was one of those games that every Saturn owner seemed to have. I mean looking in ebay, it’s everywhere. But you’re probably right. Super Mario 64 will probably poll higher, just for the fact there’d be more Mario fans (regardless if theyve played it or not).

You’d have to be naive to think that Panzer Dragoon Saga would be able to even come CLOSE to Goldeneye when it comes to votes.


If I ever met someone that said that… id find a glove and slap them in the
face with it.

I just voted for NiGHTS :slight_smile:

At this moment Super Mario 64 has 83% share of the votes, whilst NiGHTS has the other 17%.

I doubt this is gonna change much during the course of the day…

It doesn’t really matter tho.

Btw, welcome to the forums Azel :slight_smile:


Goldeneye - 61079 (81%)
PDS - 14504 (19%)

Sorry dude.

Didn’t PDS only have around 8000 copies made? Or is that just in the US?

15,000 in the US alone.

By contrast, how many copies were available in Japan and Europe?

No idea, but I reckon around 10,000 in each. And that’s a very rough estimate =P


Goldeneye - 61079 (81%)
PDS - 14504 (19%)

Sorry dude.[/quote]

Ergh… Soooooo close. Oh well.

And I don’t think we should take Japanese or European copies sold into account, as GameFAQs is pretty much North American dominated.

In my personal bracket PDS won against sonic 2 in the final >_>
also, chuck what is your gamefaqs name?

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]It doesn’t really matter tho.
Btw, welcome to the forums Azel :)[/quote]

me looks at Azels join date

That’s pretty poo tbh :frowning:

[quote=“Scott”]In my personal bracket PDS won against sonic 2 in the final >_>

lol in my personal bracket Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is defeated by Mario World in the second round, which is coming up soon btw!

The final in my personal bracket is between… Mario 3 and GTA Vice City! And Vice City wins!

What a strange final that would be… 0_o

RYB of course!! :slight_smile: