Hey, Neat Artwork!

Anyone notice these before? I was browsing one of the Japanese sites in the Links and found all this neat stuff!

http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~it2t-oosm/game/panz/cg.html(The pics are on the right side)


OMG check this!


Look at the bottom of the image.

Whaddya guys think the hell this is???

OMFG, it’s a bunch of fanart. :wink:

I know exactly what that is. That was a first-draft box for Orta from WAAAAAAAAY back. An image which did the rounds and, for a while, was the logo for Media-Zero (since the server was named “Azel”).

lol, well said SK

I didn’t want to offend the artists, I just didn’t want anyone to think that some of this stuff is official.

I love the Azel and Edge flying on Dreamcast guy picture.

Did anyone else acknowledge the funky majesty of the cartoon Atolm in this picture? The “Happy New Year” one at the top was definitely cool, too.

Oh yeah, definitely, I didn’t think any of it was official either. I just thought it was pretty neat.

And you’ve gotta love the Solo Wing’s amorous little look too. xD

If I see one more hentai-style pic of Azel, I think I’ll puke.

I can dig it.


oohh right!