Hey internet archive

Hey i have loved your site and have been visiting it since its early inception. I have read almost every article about every topic you have and i have noticed you are missimg some content like about Meccania which was very extensive back then. As per reading about posting content i have come to ask permission if i could post internet archive that you guys used to have. I think it would be a worthy addition for the Premier panzer dragoon site.

Hi there - I’m glad you’ve found the site useful.

Can you tell me which content you’re referring to? We have an encyclopaedia entry on Meccania:


I found a bunch of info about panzerese. There was a site with panzerese to english translation. Also there was an annalysis of the ancient age one of which showed that the Ancient Civilization lasted for 10,000 years.

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The Panzer Place, Skyrider Archives, The Art of Lagi, the orta website

We merged the content from Lagi: The Art of Panzer Dragoon, Sky Rider: The Imperial Archives, The Panzer Place, and @Draikin’s old Panzer Dragoon Legacy site about Orta into the current site that is now called Panzer Dragoon Legacy.

I believe we are current missing the Panzer Dragoon Language Dictionary. It would be good to add this to the site. It’s in my Dropbox folder.

Here’s the direct link to the dictionary pages:


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The next step would be for someone to create a Markdown version of those documents and add it to the site’s content management system directly (let me know if you need access to that).

Not sure I have access so I chucked it into a thread under Contributions:


I extracted most of the text using an online tool and then did a little reformatting. As such, it’s kept most of the orignal notes and acknowledgments.