Hey guys quick question

Hi all, Ive been a lurker for years and I guess it’s time to post because I dont know the answer. I was wondering if there is a PD art book out there. I realize the guides have art in them.

I’m curious because, I have an art project coming up, and I would like to use the style as sort of a reference/inspiration. And it would be nice to have art in high quality printed form.

What is the fabled book that the press got back in the day? I’ve seen it mentioned a couple of times.

thanks everyone, this community is the best!

The one you are probably thinking of is probably “Die Welt von Panzer Dragoon Zwei”.
It is pretty incredibly rare though so unless you know of a nerdy black market, good luck. (I want one too so if you find a nerdy black market, post about it plz)

There is also an art book of the Panzer Dragoon OVA. I’ve seen it on eBay before but since the OVA was terrible and full of ugliness, I passed and cannot imagine it being of much value to anyone.

I would direct you to http://www.moonapples.com/lagi/ but I know how mch art teachers/tutors hate printed material and the internet as an artistic source (mine did, anyway).

On another note you might want to look at the art of Moebius (Jean Giruad), whose art influence was listed as a influence on the Panzer Dragoon credits, I believe.


Whilst none of this is a non-virtual source, I hope you do find some use out of it.


The above link contains a list of all the books that we know of relating to Panzer Dragoon. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an art book for any of the games.

speaking of mobious heres a pretty good pile of his art

also has anyone read the manga Nausica valley of the winds(its pretty much panzer dragoon)

Speaking of Mobius I have a pretty good collection over at PDS Oasis!

Just click on the Mobuis Art link: