Heroes of Might & Magic V

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Well, I was really looking forward to this game. It seemed to be a console style Turn Based Strategy/RPG game adapted properly to the Western and PC markets (almost like a cross of those games with Magic: The Gathering or Warhammer). All the previews, interviews and general press sounded great.

However, the public beta currently released (Fileplanet subscribers only for the first few days) has shown there are many issues. The game is apparently nowhere near complete and there are petitions online from fans trying to convince Ubisoft to give more development time to Nival (the creators) as certain issues cannot be resolved in the short remaining time until release (players feel the battle grounds are too small not leaving enough room for strategy).

I love Ubisoft for bringing out games like Prince of Persia and Beyond Good & Evil but at the same time they ruined series like Rainbow Six (turning the latest into a Counter-Strike wannabe).

I hope things will end up well with Heroes of Might & Magic V as well as Dark Messiah of Might & Magic because they are two games I’ve been really looking forward to…

I guess I don’t have a point or question, I just wanted to share this :anjou_sigh:

Al3xand3r probably already knows this, but I just wanted to point out that this game has been delayed. However it wasn’t because of any of the petitions started since an Ubisoft employee stated that the delay was instigated before the beta was even released and any petitions started.

Nival is a talented group that has made some impressive games for a relatively small and unheard of developer. The Silent Storm games were excellently executed, and while Hammer and Sickle was less than a great follow up to the formula, i’m glad Ubisoft saw the need to delay the game instead of continuing with a rushed product for the sake of making a quick buck. I just hope the extra time they have allotted will be enough for Nival to craft an excellent addition to the series.

Definitely one to keep an eye out for.