Heroes of Might & Magic V

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Just wondering if anyone is a fan of these series, I haven’t played any of the older games.

This one looks quite nice though and seems to be a game like Fire Emblem except done in PC style… If that’s the case I’ll propably be all over it upon its release.


The earlier games in the series were quite fun for when they came out. There were some balance issues, but in general, it was a good series. One of the only games out of 3DO that actually was worth anything.

It’s essentially a turn-based strategy game… almost like a precursor to WC3. You have heroes (hence the name) that you can level up and equip with items to enhance their abilities, as well as their troops’ abilities. There’s resource managment and all that good stuff. Not sure how this one is turning out, but I recommend the series in general.

Sounds good… (well except the resource management, but I can live with that if the game is good).

What about the storyline? Was it emphasised in previous games or was it the standard strategy PC game storyline which is just an outline and then it’s all about mission objectives per levels? I was hoping that they emphasise the storyline like the console turn based strategy games do…

And what about the mission structure? Is that very linear like in say Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem or is it more freeform?

And how do units move? Do they go real time until they meet an enemy RPG style or what? i really don’t know anything about the games, I saw a review of might & magic IV but it didn’t explain the game mechanics much, it only mentioned the differences, additions, improvements over the previous games…

It will also look very outdated I think… The screenshots are nice enough for sure but the game is supposed to be released in 2006 and by that time we’ll be seeing games using Unreal Engine 3 and such… I’ll buy it anyway though (if it’s the kind of game I like), just saying it propably won’t have much mainstream appeal… Not that this type of game has that on first place…

I never played Heroes 4, so I can’t say how the series evolved in the last iteration, but it’s very different than Fire Emblem or Tactics Ogre. It’s very PC -like. In fact, in Heroes 3, there wasn’t much story to be bothered with (there is, but it was so tangential to the gameplay that it hardly mattered).

Basically, you have 1 or more heroes. Each hero has with them a group of troops. The heroes themselves don’t actually go out onto the battlefield, but rather, enhance your troops’ stats, damage, etc. Imagine the WC3 heroes, but without the ability to actually directly fight (with the exception of magic).

There are several types of bases to start with, each determines what sorts of troops you can raise. You can hire heroes that best match your town (for example, if you have a castle, it’s best to take a knight or a wizard hero… I forget the actual class names), or pick one from the Inn. Once you purchase a few units, you go out into the world. You are able to travel a set distance, depending on your skills/equipment, etc per turn. Once you have moved all your heroes, your turn is over. You can also build one building in each town per turn if you like.

The objective is to either find some artifact on the map, or wipe out your enemy, usually. Very simple and straight forward, but pretty good, old school fun.