Hera (Panzer Dragoon OC)




Hera is Azel lost Second Daughter beside Orta. Hera did if her mother Chilling on the mountain of the Uru Sea to find more answer about herself and the disappearance of edge after he defeated the serten in the Cybernetic Tower. Now she and Azel live a domestic live in the rebuild town of Voah( The Second town which is named after the town of Zoah)

She Speaks both Panzernes and English.

She is working and Determined like her mom but Naive and bit of a Slacker like her dad reason Why.
Because she likes cute Dark Skin Boy Seeker and Hunter Boy like Gash which she hads a Huge Crush on since the age of 10.

her other Weakness is that she is too Cocky and full of herself to be become more of a Badass beside her mom.
That why she Weals and Gun and sword. Plus instead of riding a Cybernetic Dragon she ride a Upgrade Floater and Turn it in to a Motorcycle that Gildes and shoot lasers like a Dragon.

PS. You can Draw her if you like.