Help: Subtitles Overscanned on Panzer Dragoon Saga? PAL/NTSC

Basically, running a PAL Panzer Dragoon Zwei on NTSC-J saturn with Game Shark on PAL CRT TV and finding during cut-scenes the movie and text is too low, so that most of the subtitles are cut off.

Am considering buying a PAL copy of Saga, but because its such an investment I was wondering if anyone had experienced this same problem with Saga as I did with Zwei and if there was a way of fixing it without learning to speak Japanese or buying a different Saturn.

Welcome, bygberbrown. I would highly recommend getting the NTSC version instead, as it does not have borders and runs at 60htz. Some info here: … n_saga.php

thanks for replying. Based on the info on the page you linked, seems like PDS PAL runs at 60HZ on my Japanese Saturn, because it was never optimised for PAL, plus I can get it a lot cheaper than the US one, so I’m not giving up on it yet. But what’s this business with borders? Is that a PAL-wide thing? Do you have a reference I can check on that too?

Ah yes, sorry, PDS only has these “issues” when running on a PAL Saturn. Many PAL games contain black borders along the top and bottom of the screen when played on a PAL Saturn. PDS contains a thick black border along the bottom of the screen, rather than two evenly placed borders.

Ancient Weapon talks about his experiences playing PAL PDS on a Japanese Saturn here: … 5266#55266