Help needed naming/describing pictures

Alright team, here’s your chance to help the Panzer Dragoon community. I’m looking for English names for these creatures/ships as well as short descriptions (around 250 characters). This art comes from the excellent Japanese Panzer site “The Twilight Primary School”, but I’m planning to put the art in TWOTA’s fan art section before the Japanese Geocities disappears off the face of the Internet.

  1. … iteppd.htm

  2. … itepbd.htm

  3. … itepsd.htm

  4. … tepsdb.htm

  5. … itepfv.htm

  6. … tepsdc.htm

  7. … tepsdd.htm

  8. … tepbwd.htm

  9. … epskyd.htm

  10. … blued2.htm

  11. … dragon.htm

  12. … gift01.htm

  13. … gift02.htm

  14. … gift03.htm

  15. … gift04.htm

Also, this Panzer inspired MP3 (which is a really nice track if I may say so!):

  1. … ssites.htm (Click on 304).

Once we’ve gathered names and descriptions for this content I’ll add it to the site.

By the way, is that number 11 Edge with Orta’s dragon? Interesting!

Could this represent the events shortly after the end of PDS? When an alive Edge and the dragon have left Sestren, but the dragon has reverted to the Base Wing form.

#9 and 10 - “skydirt”… ROFL! It actually seems to fit the second pic.

A quick boot up of my Saturn and I can prolly confirm the ones I’m not positive about, but here’s what I come up with so far.

  1. Dark Dragon of course, (or Prototype-02?) a little stylized, but unmistakable.
  2. Blue Dragon, classic look.
    3-4 and 6. I’m pretty sure are all Glide Dragons.
  3. Couldn’t say for sure which battleship it is, maybe later… is the name Varna carried over in English? I may just be thinking of Vermana.
  4. It definitely looks like a somewhat modified Light Wing to me. Though it’s possible it’s supposed to be some other enemy type… but I can’t come up with anything.
  5. Brigadewing for sure, though not quite there, or just very stylized again.
  6. Clearly Skydart.
  7. It looks a little like ol’ Blue again, but I’m almost positive it’s supposed to be one of the Saga forms, possibly Stripe Wing? Too indistinct to say for sure yet, I’ll try to nail it down.
  8. Indeed it’s Base Wing from Orta… can’t really be sure if it is Edge though, almost looks like it’s supposed to be Azel in her trench to me, but it doesn’t actually look like her.
    12-13-14. Seem to speak for themselves.
  9. Looks most like Windrider to me, though a little stubbier, it may be Glideling instead.

And yeah that mp3 is really nice!

I’m a little confused… are you actually asking us to name Azel, Craymen, and the like?
(The Ancienct - in regards to #5, the text indicates that it would be Varna. At least that name appears on the page.)

Thanks, The Ancient. You’re a great help. :anjou_happy:

I’m just looking for the relevant information needed to add the pictures to this page - file name, brief description, etc. Any contributions towards naming/describing this stuff would be appreciated. I realise that some of them are obvious, and I’ll get around the naming/describing all them eventually if no one else does.