Help Navigating Site (Need PDS Script)

I was directed to this site when looking for an English Script for the Azel: Panzer Dragoon RPG online and I found this discussion “ " and this led me to this site. According to this person you could find the entire script (dialogue, items, menus, cutscenes ect) translated into English this site, specifically under the “dialogue” category. I came to this site, went to categories, and there is no dialogue category either for Panzer Dragoon Saga or in general from what I could tell, and while I did find a translation of all the cutscenes in the “Scripts” category, on the other translated text it says “Panzer Dragoon Orta scripts and other Panzer Dragoon Saga dialogue can be found in separate categories.”. Now, there is menus, world maps, and other things in the “Miscellaneous Text” category, as well a “Books” category” and a “Multiple Choice Dialogue” category all under resources. The only thing is it’s not made clear to me that all the translated text necessary for playing an import of the game is here, but I can’t really tell and that information will influence my purchase greatly as I speak little to no Japanese and I’d want to get an import of this game. Is it missing any non-multiple choice dialogue? Are all menus, item descriptions, and other such things accounted for, and if not how much is?

If anyone can tell me if this information is sufficient to understand 99% of the text/voices/choices in this game without much knowledge of Japanese that’d be great, and sorry if I missed anything obvious.

I believe this is what you’re looking for:

I hope this helps, although I’m not sure it’s really good enough to use to play through the game with. PDS is definitely worth playing in a language you can understand - Why not get an English version?

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To be fair, I think you could probably guess exactly why I might not, mainly the steep price this game sells for. Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t worth what it sells for, from a rarity standpoint I get it and I know people who’d swear it’s worth much more in terms of gameplay experience, but the simple fact of the matter is that I don’t have the money necessary to put down on it, even if I were to simply sell it again and get my money back, and it is much much cheaper import so that’s where I’m leaning toward.

Is it a lesser way of experiencing the story? It could be argued, but in fairness I think that reading a script on another screen is not so different from reading the script on the same screen as the scene, except perhaps the tradeoff of perhaps having to either read after and not understand the dialogue during or try to juggle reading on one screen and watching on the other. Probably not as good but I think it’d be sufficient, and I do hope to get the game in English at some point to own, it’s just seems like it’d be worth it, because it’s cheaper, I could buy to own, and I could get it sooner. But, of course opinion would vary I’m sure.

EDIT: Also thanks a bunch, I didn’t think to check downloads facepalm

I think there is a good case for moving the Panzer Dragoon Saga script to the Resources section (it could be formatted similar to the Panzer Dragoon Orta script). If anyone wants to Markdownify the script in a similar format, let me know.