Help! I'm incompetent!

I may claim the honourable accolade of being a resolute gamer for virtually my entire life, from one-colour handheld LCD versions of Sonic the Hedgehog to the concussive fury of Pentium IV power with Dawn of War. :anjou_happy:

But despite this, I am also belaboured with the distinction of more dubious merit of being one of the most terrible gamers in the U.K. :anjou_sad:

…I couldn’t work out a puzzle that I myself made on Chu Chu Rocket. :anjou_disappointment:

…I read a strategy guide. :anjou_disappointment:

…I cheated my way to the Final Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog. :anjou_disappointment:

…I’ve suffered so many defeats in Starcraft that my loss counter has become stuck at 255. :anjou_disappointment:

…I turned up the television’s brightness in Halo 2 on the “High Charity” level. :anjou_disappointment:

…I lost a battle in Panzer Dragoon Saga once. :anjou_wow:

And the latest manifestion of my execrably |_|n1337 abilities in wielding a joypad is Panzer Dragoon Orta. To state my predicament briefly, I’ve currently become quite terribly unstuck during the battle with Abadd in Episode X.
I can easily navigate my way past several of his attack patterns without suffering a single hit, but this impeccable record collapses more rapidly than the ingenious strategy of “let’s stay in front of Atolm!” (not how I died, incidentally).
The aggravating section is where Abadd phases-out, immediately after the section where he fires salvoes of pink homing lasers/Arrows of Light at you, and engages his green beam cannon - try as I might, I simply can’t dodge the blasts! Accelerating, decelerating, barrel-rolling through the firestorm as the Glide Wing, it’s all impotent in the face of the renegade drone’s fury - the terrifying Dragon of Destruction might as well be the insipid Duck of Dullness during a field day. I can just imagine Abadd rubbing his hands with glee in his pocket dimension and crying “Pull!” :anjou_angry:

So, I’m not proud - can anyone please give me a strategy that doesn’t conclude in being confronted by the GAME OVER screen for the umpteenth time? Feel free to give long monologues chastising me for not honouring the great Sega traditions of the h4rdc0re, &c… :anjou_sad:

Actually you just have to fly from left to right and then from bottom to top and so on (in other words travel along the edge of the screen in a rectangular pattern). I never got hit once using that method.

Yep, that’s exactly what I do too - if you just circle around the outside of the screen (basically keep moving), the huge green lasers will always fire to where you were a moment before and ultimately miss you. What completely stumped me the first time I played was how to avoid his pink homing lasers (of course, you can “counter” them with your own, but it took me a bizarre amount of time to realise that) - I assume you’ve already worked out how to get through the homing lasers part without being savaged, though?

Send it to me =) I love puzzles has completed all chu chu rocket ones

well… if Arcie keeps playing bluefoot at the game maybe you and him can relate… :anjou_embarassed:

Chu Chu Rocket… that has to be one of my favourite puzzle games of all time. Too bad the Dreamcast servers are no longer online. A guy who used to visit these forums was third in the world at the game, as well :slight_smile:

I know someone who made a chuchu rocket/REZ game. havn’t played it yet but the idea is pretty cool.


that my loss counter has become stuck at 255. :anjou_disappointment:
well… if Arcie keeps playing bluefoot at the game maybe you and him can relate… :anjou_embarassed:[/quote]


I feel for you, mate. :anjou_disappointment:

While being quite bad at games, my worst misdemeanour is not having a job so that I can earn the funds to keep up to date with them! :anjou_sad:

The newest console I have is a GameBoy Advance SP, and I don’t have the money to get an XBox and Orta, which by the way looks fantastic, at least graphically.

That’s why I don’t post on terribly many game related topics, especially in The Liberal District; I just can’t relate to them! :anjou_embarassed:

Yeah, i’d actually completed the game on all difficulty levels before i realised that you could counter the lasers. For the first three times through the game, I survived with the use of very well timed berserks. :anjou_embarassed:

If you are having trouble with the green lasers morph into Glide Wing since it’s faster.

WHERE!? :anjou_wow:

really?? Who was that??


on Chu Chu Rocket. :anjou_disappointment:
Send it to me =) I love puzzles has completed all chu chu rocket ones[/quote]

Regrettably, I must relate that oblivion has claimed the puzzle file. :anjou_disappointment: My memory allocation was becoming rather strained, and as I’m such an incurable miser I wasn’t willing to purchase another V.M.U. when I already owned two. Instead, I thought I’d conserve space by uploading my various puzzles to Chu Chu Rocket’s online player servers (so I could keep hold of them) and then deleting the redeundant copies on my V.M.U.s

Then the servers were deactivated.

Whee. :anjou_angry:

Anyway, to give you a conolation prize in a flavouring of how the puzzle (requiescat in pace) was structured - I was attempting to replicate the game of Frogger.