Help fulfill the Will of the Ancients

I finally played the Sega Ages version of Panzer Dragoon. Fun as ever. I was hoping (even though I started the game knowing they didn’t) they would update the textures in some way.

Anyway my problem is with the game’s Pandora’s Box. So much good stuff in there and my basic japanese prevents me from understanding it :anjou_sad: *Isn’t there anyone willing to do a transcript of the developer comments and/or translate the design document? *Does anyone know how one could get the CG images and concept art out of the game’s CD?

I was very surprised to see how different the original dragon design was. In fact, now that I think about it, it looked a lot like the dragon on the cover art of the US version o Zwei!

Forget the protos, this could provide a lot of insight into the series creation.