Hello! I have Comments & questions!

Hello! I would like to say I am -VERY- glad I found this site. I bought PDS awhile back and it has sence become my favorite RPG. And am waitin’ till I have cash for PD, PDII: Zewi, and PD:Orta. I only own ONE of the games but PD is my favorite game series hands down.
Anyways, I was suprised that a PD site is still updated and am glad that there are many like minded fans here, I see someone even drawn a connection between Skies of Arcadia and PDS. Which is intresting because I have always thought the same. There are so many things I loved about PD I could go on for ever. The music, The Great Graphics, The Great Story and wonderfull gameplay. But If I had to choose my favorite thing it would be the art style. No other game has done such a GREAT job of creating a world of its own that feels so real. And that feel flows thru all the games so well! ANOTHER thing I love about the series is that it wasnt scared to change things up, it went from a shooter to and RPG, And did a great at both.

BUT, I could talk about the games all day. So lemme’ get to my question. I noticed while looking at the screen shots for PDS that it looked much sharper and the textures looked higher quality then mine. Does anyone care to elaborate on how they look so much better!?..

Thanks in advance, and I love the site!!!

Welcome to the forums, This is my Boomstick (I’m curious, why are you called that?).

The screenshots were captured with GiriGiri, which is a Saturn emulator, so the screenshots are displayed in a higher resolution than on an actual Saturn. The emulator isn’t perfect, but it certainly makes the game look a lot nicer in most places.

Definitely hunt down the other Panzer Dragoon games, they’re all great (although you can give Panzer Dragoon Mini a miss, it’s just good for a little bit of fun on the side). Panzer Dragoon 1 is included as a bonus in Panzer Dragoon Orta, so you could save yourself some money by not getting the Saturn version of that.

And yeah, I think more than just a few of us noticed lots of similarities between PDS and Skies of Arcadia. Both happen to be two of favorite RPGs of all time as well.

Ahhh, I see thanks for the info on the screens!!!

My name comes from a line the Evil Dead triliogy (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II: Dead by dawn, and Army of Darkness AKA Evil Dead 3). Thes best movies ever! Well at least my favorite!

Humm, I didn’t know Orta came with PD1. But I am an avid collector. So I will get PD for the saturn anyways. I wont buy a game that doesnt have the case, instructions ect…IF there is the option to get one with the case, instructions ect, even if it means paying more money. haha! Plus I always like owning the original versions!!!

Anyways, thanks for the response!

I promised myself years ago I would eventually see all Evil Dead movies having enjoyed one of them very much (i don’t know which one it was tho).

Anyways welcome TIMBS, hope you like it here.

Welcome to the boards, its good anothe PD fan found the site!

I enjoy the Evil Dead movies, especially Army of Darkness since it is so wacky.

Welcom to the boards, BROOMSTICK.