Hellgate: London - Diablo 2 gone Sci-Fi FPS?

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Flagship Studios, comprised of ex Blizzard employers, is now working on a new first person view Action RPG which sounds like it’s going to be Diablo 2 with a hint of First Person Shooter in it.

Player skill will only play a small factor according to the developers and the game will incorporate some trademark Diablo 2 mechanics such as randomly generated levels and items.

They are also working on what sounds like an interesting skill system that will allow for randomized and rare skills similar to the items (I think). Not much information is available other than this though.

On top of that they are going to concetrate more on the storyline and in improving their quests system.

Emphasis is also given to the cooperative aspect of the gameplay.

All in all, this could end up quite fun and unlike current games of the genre. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out even though I’m not much of a Diablo 2 fan at all.

Gamespot article:
gamespot.com/pc/rpg/hellgate … 23193.html

IGN article (more detailed):

PS: I only linked to some of the nicer screenshots, there are several quite bad looking ones but I figure it’s still very early in development so it’s acceptable… For now.

Another Diablo-clone is the last thing the world needs. The worst part is Diablo 3 is also heavily rumored to be in development.

I wonder if the nature of those games will be “more than just hack ‘n’ slash” as BioWare once described Baldur’s Gate?