Collectable card game by blizzard, it’s lots of fun :slight_smile:

Anyone got it?

Aye, nabbed a beta key when it was in closed beta.

Definitely a good laugh, I can’t keep up with the meta game though. Wish I had more of a knack for card games.

I got a beta key as well. Tried it and had fun playing it, but like with Starcraft 2 I just don’t have the time to play it as much as I’d need to to really be competitive.

You’d need to devote most of your spare time to be competitive in SC2.

It might be something worth doing when we’re old men and have nothing better to do.

my tag is Dantini#2275 if anyone wants to add (EU battle net)

Trying to get back into the game, but I find that the luck factor has too much impact on the game. I know it’s often not the deciding factor, but the impact is certainly noticeable. The trick is too minimize the impact it has, there are things that you can control and you want to get the most out of those moments. However, I’m surprised how good even the low level players are. I’m equally surprised at how many of those players have Legendary cards (and it’s not just the reset that explains that).

Well it’s not too difficult to buy 40 packs of cards and get lucky. Or just disenchant a load and make some legendaries. Legendaries are annoying (see Ragnaros/Leeroy) but they’re not unbeatable or anything, usually just quirky.

Basically if you want a sure fire method of doing well you have to find out what the flavour of the month is in the metagame. Last month it was Zoolock and those decks did pretty well. There are times where I’ve said “that guy got the absolute perfect starting hand” and other times where the one card I needed felt like it was at the bottom of my deck. That’s not all that often though and with card games, you’re usually looking at a 60-70% win rate for the upper players. It can be frustrating sometimes but the luck factor hasn’t felt out of my hands.

luck is always the factor of card games, but the skill is trying to minimise the luck/variance as much as possible.

I was two wins from legend last month :anjou_sigh:
don’t know if I have the time to climb again this month!

Legend? I can’t even make it out of rank 20. I do think I understand most of the basic concepts of the game, but I’m struggling to make a difference. I try to mulligan correctly, trade minions equally or up, hold on to cards that can made a difference in the lategame, try to draw out spells like Flamestrike with lesser minions… Yet I still end up losing to people that make decisions like launching fireball in my hero’s face at turn 4.

Obviously I’m making mistakes. Last game I lost to a double Pyro Blast. I still had a double Flamestrike and a Polymorph, so perhaps I was being too careful. That, and most of my opponents have more and better cards. It’s hardly rare to see Legendaries at rank 20, let alone lesser rare cards. I can buy my way out of that problem, but I don’t feel like spending money when I don’t know what I’ll get out of it.

This might help:


I also had a lot of success with this budget shaman deck:

Double Pyro is pretty harsh, not really sure what you could’ve done there apart from finishing him off before turn 11.