Having a bit of financial trouble

I hope this is appropriate for posting on the board. I am having a bit of financial strain due to medical costs incurred with my second daughter and my wife only working part time. This is causing me to liquidate some items I have on ebay. I hate to say this, but I am now in the position where I need to sell my Panzer games for the Saturn.

I have a Like New copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga and a copy of Panzer Dragoon Zwei that is in Very Good to Like New condition, both complete in original box. I have been the only owner of PDS. I picked this up at Toys R Us years ago when I pre-ordered it and by chance they actually got it. They have been stored in a climate controlled collectors environment. I really want these to go to a fan and not just some random person on ebay. It pains me to sell these games as Panzer Dragoon Saga is my most prized game in my collection. Though I have decided that getting caught up financially is less stress for me and my family than holding on to a ton of games I really haven’t played in a while.

These are US versions of the games. I will ship in whatever way you would want. We can arrange a payment through Paypal. I am semi firm on the price I want for these games as I need the money. If anyone is interested, you can message me. I want to give the members here a chance to buy these if they don’t already own them and want to, so I will hold on to these for a week or two before I attempt to sell them elsewhere. I would be glad to provide pictures, will ship internationally to forum members only, but will need to quote it.

Solo, if you deem this inappropriate, I will be glad to delete the post. I just wanted to put this out there before I put the on ebay. Thank you guys, and even though I am selling these games, I will be a Panzer Fan for life and will not be going anywhere on the forums.

The topic is fine, @frelled. I hope you sort out your financial troubles.

I hope you manage to solve your financial problems Frelled. God bless.

Thanks for the well wishes. Just a few months of pain and we should be clear. Just sucks that it happened during Christmas for my two girls. We just have to make it a frugal one.

Just wanted to post an update, I was thankfully able to work the finances out so that I am able to keep the games. My wife told me I obviously didn’t want to sell them. Being the smart one she is, she was able to convince me I was being a bit short sighted in attempting to sell them. We aren’t really that bad off. I have to admit I am not used to owing money to anyone, so it was hard for me to put off paying things off. Anway, I fortunately get to keep my status as one of the few to own this game and it makes me happy!

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Glad to hear it. I hope everything works out for you. Hopefully the best Saturn games are properly emulated some day…

Nevertheless, my copy of PD Zwei and Saga have too much sentimental value to sell.