Have I shown you guys this? (PD related)

I made this some months ago…it was a bitch to make…

I like it! :anjou_happy:

Makes you wonder if they ever did make a Panzer game for the Revolution how they would implement the controller, the aiming would be so much more precise.

Excellent work Lagi, very profesional looking :slight_smile:

It would be a lightgun game :anjou_love:
You’d shift the remote off screen to the sides to rotate the view and you’d simply point and shoot with it like a lightgun! For the dragon lasers, you’d hold down the fire button as normal and pass it over enemies (maybe it’d bring up an on screen indicator of the cursor to help you during that)!

The next best thing to that multiple monitor arcade idea posted on these forums sometime ago… Maybe even better since in this you’d still retain control of the dragon with the analogue stick while on the arcade you’d only have the lightgun…

i love stuff like this
looks wicked, nice work :slight_smile:

Now only if they make it so … controlling the dragoon with the remote …

The only thing concerning about the idea of a PD game for REV is how likely it seems they’d test the idea first with a pure shooter. Which I would absolutely love anyway, but I’d suggest people don’t get their hopes up it would be an RPG.

A shooter could work quite well, if the Revolution’s analog stick was used to control the dragon. Imagine a free-roaming shooter/real-time RPG where you moved forwards/backward and strafed with the analog stick. You could aim the gun with the remote, which would also be used to move up and down and turn left and right with the remote. It would work a bit like a keyboard/mouse based FPS, but it would be in the third person with camera angles closer to what we’re used to in the exploration areas of Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Another control system that might work is something closer to the controls of PDS. You could use the analog stick to move the dragon up/down and turn it left and right, as well as strafing if the stick isn?t being pressed forward. One of the buttons (is there one underneath the analog stick?) would be used to move the dragon forward, with the remote used purely for aiming. However, I believe that the first example would work better, as you?d be more focused on a single movement for aiming/turning like the rail shooters, and the FPS-like control scheme seemed to have become a standard that many gamers are used to (although more creative control schemes aren?t always a bad thing).

I doubt that the Sega will make the next Panzer Dragoon game another rail shooter, simply because gamers seem to want bigger/more open games with each generation… games with more choices and freedom. Even if we don?t get the RPG we all want, I believe that if there is another game it will at least have some of the Saga-style freedom of movement that made the game such a step forward from Panzer Dragoon Zwei.