Has TWotA been suffering downtime?

Salutations again to all. I know that in the last few weeks I’ve appeared to have dropped off the face of the internet, but that’s not through a sudden dissatisfaction with Panzer Dragoon, but rather the simple fact that I’ve been unable to access the site! Every time I’ve directed my browser here recently, I’ve just been persistently stonewalled by error messages - until, inexplicably, today!

Judging from the amount of “new post” icons that have sprung up on the forums, it doesn’t seem that anyone else has encountered the same problem as I have - but I just wanted to confirm, has the site been subject to any trouble, or have the problems purely been at my end?

Anyway, it’s good to be back! :anjou_happy:

From what I can tell everything as been fine.Glad to have you back anyways.

Hmm, TWotA was offline over Christmas / the new year, but as far as I’ve noticed, it’s been online constantly since early January. What kind of error messages were you geting (just "Page not found"s)?

And it’s good to have you back, obviously. :anjou_happy: