Has SegaExtreme taken down all of their soundtracks?

I can’t find the music soundtrack section on SegaExtreme. Have all the Sega sountracks, OSTs been removed?

Yup it’s long gone. They seem to refuse to tak down the links or put up an explaination for reasons I don’t get though. I only found out what happened by registering and asking on their forums. Apparently they were using too much bandwidth and won’t be coming back.

Just as well I haves all my panzer dragoon soundtracks :slight_smile: (Including Orta :slight_smile: )

Ebay is your friend.

Why do I not want shitty compressed audios?


I wont accept anything below 900Kbps on lossy compression, and I preffer owning a nice CD with a cover that I can lick. (Particularily in the case of the Silent Hill 3 soundtrack, which ha some nice cleavage on it)

If you’re still looking for game soundtracks I found a site:
I got a few Panzer soundtracks and Disgaea.