Has anyone ever done this?

OK, I’ve wondered this for many years now, but have never had a large group of PD fans to ask. So:

Has anyone anywhere in the world ever finished the original Panzer Dragoon game with an overall 100% Shot Down Ratio? I mean, in Orta and Zwei it’s relatively easy and it unlocks stuff, but is it even humanly possible to do it in PD1?

In fact, is it even possible to get a 100% ratio on each individual Episode?

Whilst cheating?


I never tried it.Panzer Dragoon is the toughest of the PD shooters IMO.

I’ve had 100% shot down rate in Episode 1 of PD. It says “Perfect!” in big letters and gives you three credits as a result, so I’d imagine it’s possible in other levels too.

Of course it’s mathematically possible but you need something special.I myself have had Perfect in more than one level but I never managed to get them all.

Yes, it’s possible. People have done it before.

I beleive I’ve done Episodes 1, 3, 4 and possibly 5 with 100% at various points in time; but Episode 6 seemed ridiculous and so did Episode 2 - the sandworms, anyway, which you have to kill all of to get the Perfect. Basically, it seemed that you could only kill them with the alternate weapons cheat, and even then I couldn’t get 100%.

One of the levels I managed to do perfect was Episode 2 :slight_smile:

I’ll probably have a good shot at it at some point; the last time I really played the game was when I unlocked the version in Orta. Maybe it was just that version that seemed harder to play; the graphics/gameplay appeared to be much more jerky than the Saturn original, and the Xbox controller seemed surprisingly bad for controlling it. And the game’s difficulty just contrasted so much with Orta’s; but then I guess games in general have been getting easier for a long time…

Wow…er…well I’ve never come close to perfect on the original PD, so…