Hardcore or Casual?

No, not Hardcore or Casual Sex, I mean do you consider yourself a Hardcore or Casual gamer?
Just a letter in a magazine got me thinking- It was from a 12 year old boy who considers himself a Hardcore gamer except that he’s not allowed to go into a GAME shop alone, hehe. So where’s the line. What attributes do you think are needed to be either one.

I don’t think any of us here could be considered Casual gamers due to our love for Panzer Dragoon…but I’m not completely sure I’m a Hardcore gamer…I own 12 games consoles which I still play but I wouldn’t go to extrememly great lengths (like travelling to another country…well, not yet) to get my hands on a game.

What are your thoughts on this?

I wouldn’t class myself as either. I’m closer to a hardcore gamer than a casual gamer. Casual gamers are the scum of the universe don’t you know =P

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It’s sh****!I got hardcore gamer :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill do your survey here in a sec. FIRST of all any one who says there a hardcore gamer and is only 12 years old just started playing video games.
I think in order to be an accual hardcore gamer you gotta be in it from day one. playing the commador 64 or the old TX system, whatever it was called, i think it ran off tapes. I dont know cause im not a hard core gammer!! SECOND, if your a hard core gamer you dont go around tellin people you are cause they will already know. Pale skin, videogame shirt wrapped around a withered body. that 12 year old kid is very well fed i bet. His parents only let him play for an hour a day befor he has to eat dinner (in the dinning room), do chores and homework. aaaaahhhhh i hate reading long posts so ill spare you guys too, im just gunna go hit somthing till my fist goes numb.

That’s Oxshi…

Hardcore gamer is just a game that plays for living.Period.

I don’t think there is a black and white definition of a hardcore gamer. It’s just not that simple to determine. I love gaming, but I don’t play a lot these days due to doing other things on the computer (and sometimes I need a break from screens too).

I felt the quiz didn’t have enough enough opinions. I have over two, but not all the consoles, yet the quiz didn’t let me choose an option for in between.

Yeah well I just googled for a quiz :stuck_out_tongue:

Well in my opinion a hardcore gamer is one who plays games beyond what is popular (for example plays more than the accursed Final Fantasy games), and gets consoles that are often underratted.

I wouldn’t consider myself either. Videogames are one of the few things that I enjoy in life and I have been playing them since I was about 5 or 6 years old, but I don’t just play as much lately and I hate the expense of gaming as well. I play as often as I can, but I don’t go overboard and I also don’t import games. It’s not my thing. Needless to say, I love Panzer Dragoon, and sega in general, but I can’t quite consider myself a “hardcore” gamer, while at the same time I can’t consider myself casual…you know what I consider myself?

[size=200]A GUY THAT PLAYS GAMES[/size]

simple definition :stuck_out_tongue:

Well life’s too short not to play games.

Hmm, I think I’m closer to a “hardcore” gamer than a casual one.

I’ve been playing games for the past 10 years and own 6 consoles.

Whenever I start a game I’m determined to finish it and never leave it to start a new one.

I always get the most out of a game by finding all the secrets, unlocking all the play modes, finding all the charcaters and items etc so I get my money’s worth.

I pay full price for my games and don’t own any pirated copies.

I’m a collector of DC, Mega Drive, Mega CD and Saturn games and keep them in pristine condition on my collector’s shelf in my bedroom lol

TBH, I don’t think a “casual” gamer would satisfy the above criteria.

yeah, I would say that I’m closer to a hardcore gamer, but I’m not exactly one. I have a v.large collection of games, some, such as PDS and shining games, I try to keep in good condiction as I can. A casual gamer is probs my sis. You know why she has an N64? so she can entertain her friends when they come round O_O there is Mario Kart 64…lying there…uncompleted…shudder I completed it once in a few hours (everything, extra and all) dont ask how :stuck_out_tongue: she got well mad and started saying “but ya cant start a new one, wahhhh” and I said “it says delete data in options, go have a look” but she didn’t believe me until I forced her to. Hardcore gamer…I would say that there are different things than can make a hardcore gamer, one thing is hardly eating and not coming away from ya console allll day until ya done that final bit, another would be to play all night…not a good idea, me tried it…twice:P others would be some that you lot mentioned and another would be completely obssesed or in love with a game. Cos, come on, casual gamers do not do that:P The test wasn’t varied enough…I own more than 2 but not all of them…and I dont have a set time for how much I play on me consoles…recentaly me been moving away from me consoles and haven’t played in a while due to 1. this website! and 2. me gf probs:P