Happy Holidays- A couple of high-res images

I have a quite few more like this should I ever re-launch the old art site… Happy holidays!

moonapples.com/lagi/pd3/characte … azel_0.jpg
moonapples.com/lagi/pd3/characte … _crest.jpg

You kidding right?You must update!You said 2k3’s summer and we are in December!!

Now!More!!! :open_mouth:

Update update!

Very nice. Would be great to see you update the Site lagi! Its still one of the best PD sites out there!

sidenote- Gehn- what is your icon from?

Those pictures are awesome, Lagi! Where did you get them from?

A Winter update would be great to see too.

Good to see you’re still alive Lagi. We thought we’d lost you there for a moment. :slight_smile:

Lagi : you mean my avatar?It’s a picture from the concept artwork of Legacy of Kain : Defiance :slight_smile:

I’m a huge fan!

*oh and if you meant my latest it was also a picture from Legacy of Kain.It was Raziel.

i’ve been to lagi’s site before
pretty awesome stuff there

now if we can break into sega’s records and steal their art, maybe we can help him update more often

oh gehn, who do you like better, kain or raziel?

Yeah Lagi, I’ll be looking forward to your update as I always have (I’ve still been going there once in a while hoping that it got updated)
However I understand that the site propably doesn’t get much traffic but I think that’s normal…It’s not that the site isn’t good, it’s a great site to me but it’s a picture site and after you see them pictures a few times then there’s not much reason to go on it again… Perhaps you can think of a cool way to make ppl wanna come back if that’s one of the reasons you are not updating it much :slight_smile:
I have no idea what you could do about that though…

Temjin : It’s hard to say.I love Kain but I never liked bad-ass attitudes (much) in characters (funny, most people think it’s cool).Raziel is not good as some people say and I like his personality - he fights for himself,just like I would if I was in his situation.

I like both but it’s hard to say…

You a LoK fan?I’m dying to play Defiance which will only get here in February ( live in Europe).

I liked the first Soul Reaver Raziel game (played it on DC) but didn’t get into the Kain or second Soul Reaver game- are they good? I am planning to get the new one- friends have it and they like it a lot.

What site did you get that concept art from?

What side?!I got it from lecacyofkain.com US version.

Yes Soul Reaver 2 is the heart of the series cause it has the best plot (SR1 was almost non existent).If you like a good story you should get SR2 so you can enjoy it and so you can fully understand Defiance.

Lagi, where did you find those awesome hi res Azel images that you posted originally… were they from one of the guide books?

I dig those pics.

Yes, those in particular were from guidebooks. I also have some higher-res source stuff that the has lower res versions of, and also I have some new scans from contibutors. There are still some new images that haven’t been posted from the Panzer world- Team Andromeda were fairly prolific in generating artwork and concepts.

Hopefully I’ll find a weekend to put it all up, but right now I’m just way too busy.

Actually, that first Azel image is from the novel.