Hammer & Sickle

Nival Interactive’s new game is certainly looking spectacular.

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nival.com/hs/game/ (DO read this, it’s where the good stuff are)

Example screenshots (more on the website):

It sounds like it will be totally sweet :anjou_love:
This is the company that brought us such titles as Silent Storm and Blitzkrieg II, some of the finest games in their category, so we can only expect something truly great.

After reading through it and seeing the screenshots, I’d go as far as saying this is the company that should handle Fallout 3 instead of Bethesda.

They are also the guys working on Heroes of Might & Magic V for Ubisoft.

Looks interesting for a tactical RPG. I always wondered what might have happened if we stood up against the Russians at the end of World War 2. The war began with Germany invading Poland, and ended with Russia annexing it.

Woo boy! Another WWII game!? twirls finger

Gotta be the most over-done (in the sense: enough already) genre in the history of vidoegames. Just visit the library, or better yet google, and save yourself $60.00 and a geek’s warped interpretation on the facts.

As far as I know they are not even attempting to go for historical accuracy, their last WW2 game (a real modern classic in the turn based strategy genre that I also want to purchase at some point, Silent Storm and its expansion) included a kind of mech suit…

/me wonders if Divine Dragon even read anything about the game or dismissed it simply because there have been many WW2 based games (in totally different genres usually mind you) in the past…

Oh well… Still looking forward to it, it sounds oh so sweet :anjou_love:

The primary difference betweeen this game (Silent Storm included) is that it is not a FPS game which is currently diluting the WWII market.

I loved Silent Storm and it’s deep gameplay. It had destructible enviroments and an awesome physics engine that really made the game unique every time you play. If Hammer & Sickle follows, it could turn out to be a true classic!

/me wonders if Divine Dragon even read anything about the game or dismissed it simply because there have been many WW2 based games (in totally different genres usually mind you) in the past…[/quote]

Ayup, have. I was saying that regardless of what genre the game is, WWII games are a genre to themself now. I almost feel like a WWII vet…scratch that…a freakin’ WWII historian. :anjou_happy:

Well maybe there are many games with this theme but I’ve not bought any of them so I don’t really care. The only WW2 themed games I’ve played are Day of Defeat for Half-Life 1, Battlefield 1942 (just the demo), and Red Orchestra for UT2004. Oh and the original Medal of Honor for PSOne all those years back…

I’d maybe be tempted to buy the likes of Call of Duty or better yet its upcoming sequel (but I’ll propably pass and just get Battlefield 2 for my FPS needs - I know that’s not WW2) but other than that I wouldn’t get much else and I’d definitely stay away from the Medal of Honor series.

So, yeah, just cos there’s many games around doesn’t mean everyone’s played them and gotten sick of WW2…

But even so these specific games are more like an alternate reality setting from what I gather and their gameplay is not something you will have seen many times before so it’s all good either way :anjou_love:

After viewing some trailers I think I’ll definitely save up and buy both Silent Storm and its expansion, Silent Storm Sentinels (and there are more SS related things coming according to a forum post by the developers after popular demand from their fans), as well as Hammer & Sickle (it actually started as a Silent Storm mod!) whenever it finally arrives. They all seem to be really unique and sweet. Reviews are very favorable minus some annoyances (civilian AI in the original SS - fixed in SSS I think) with great final ratings. Silent Storm received an 8.8 on Gamespot for example.

I only won’t be getting Blitzkrieg 2 I guess but that’s cos I’m generally not a RTS fan at all, I only ever really enjoyed one game of the genre in all these years I’ve been playing games.

I thought I heard something about Silent Storm 2 in the works? Anyone know of this? Maybe I just made that up for myself out of anticipation.

I dont know… the developers are only around 140 people and are working on several games already… I don’t think they could handle a SS sequel already… Perhaps you got confused with how the games are often reffered to as S2 (Silent Storm) and S3 (Silent Storm Sentinels)?

I mean, they are now working on Hammer & Sickle as well as that NightWatch game (another RPG), and of course Heroes of Might & Magic V for Ubisoft on top of the Silent Storm related stuff they hinted at…

I think it’s going to be another expansion but they never said what it is -* in the threads I read atleast *- so, who knows, maybe it will be a sequel after all…

The only WWII game that I’ve played is that stand-alone free download, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, because it’s a fun team-based objective riddled shooter which is pretty much “WWII in atmosphere only”. Although several levels are based on real commando missions from WWII… and WWII movies.

Oh yeah, you’re right. I did think S2 was the sequel.

I’m surprised the team is that large but all those games do sound enticing.