Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC


It’s coming to PC at last. Who here is planning to revisit Halo through this PC collection or use it to experience the games for the first time?

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Will revisit it as long as coop play is still available. Much more fun games when playing with friends.

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So it’s not a Play Anywhere title, which is disappointing.



It’s curious that this collection isn’t Play Anywhere, especially when you consider that both Halo Wars games are. My guess is that there are complications retroactively making releases Play Anywhere without a full re-release like Halo Wars Definitive Edition. e.g. from a marketing or licensing standpoint. It’s similar with other Microsoft releases such as Ori and the Blind Forest (only the upcoming sequel will be Play Anywhere).

I will probably pick this up on Steam regardless as it will be good to have some Halo games to tide me over until I’m ready to buy new hardware.



If there’s no Cross Play there will be problems!