Halo: Spartan Assault

kotaku.com/the-next-halo-game-is … -511186661

A new Halo game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. It doesn’t seem much like a traditional PC game, being designed for touch screens, with optional controller support. I guess this is the direction Microsoft is going in with their new PC releases. At least it’s available for PC desktop users (rare for a Halo game) so players don’t have to buy a Windows 8 tablet, but I doubt that this is the Halo game PC gamers are looking for.

If Microsoft releases a Windows 8 version of Crimson Dragon, I will be happy. I’m not holding my breath though; since the game isn’t being developed for touch screens, a Windows 8 version seems unlikely. Maybe they’ll port Crimson Dragon: Side Story to Windows 8 and add controller support (I can dream).

There are many PC top down “twin stick” (wasd + mouse) shooters. Recently Hotline Miami got some attention. It’s just not what you’d expect out of Halo and is probably a quick low budget mobile production that may not be very good, or at all.

Yeah, I just meant that Halo fans who own a gaming PC would probably rather see a Halo FPS than something like this. I think a lot of gamers would rather see Halo 3 ported to PC (if only to complete the trilogy), for example.