Halo 2 is coming!

ok 6 days remain till halo two and i’m rather excited!

so heres a poll to see what everyone would do for halo2 before the 9th.

I preordered, but I don’t really have to worry about getting it on launch day anyway. I have a life or death math exam the friday after it comes out, so I won’t even be able to play it until the weekend. But oh man, once that test is over…

You missed out the ‘download it’ option. If someone was desperate enough to kill someone to play it, they’d be better off doing that.

Anyway, I voted for ‘preordered it’. If the hype isn’t simply hype, then it should turn out to be a great game.

I have a copy reserved at five different stores around my area, just in case.

You really are looking forward to Halo 2, aren’t you, Shadow? :anjou_happy:

I have the special edition reserved for 2 weeks now :slight_smile:

I’ve had mine reserved for some three months now. . .


What-now 2?

I put don’t care, which isn’t excatly true, but I don’t want it so much i’d kill for it - you really should of put an option inbetween the two in there. I never really saw what all the fuss was about for the original Halo, I mean, it was good, but not -that- good. Deus Ex and Half-Life, for example, were much better FPSs, IMO.

The thing about Halo, at least for me, is the absolutely spec-friggin-tacular AI. It’s the best AI I’ve seen in an FPS ever, and it made the combat extremely fun. For me at least. The whole flood thing kinda disappointed me though, 'cause it’s like they just went back to the standard stupid FPS AI.

I’ll be the first to say that Half-Life was a top-notch FPS. Its level design blew Halo’s out of the water. Plus the technique of making sure the player’s perspective never left Gordon’s head made the experience incredibly immersive. Unfortunately, the combat was still your standard spawn-in-a-bunch-of-enemies-and-have-them-bum-rush-the-player thing, and I’m getting kind of sick of that. The marines did show a little bit of strategy, but not that much.

And I’m not sure I’d classify Deus Ex as a FPS. Maybe a First-Person-RPG-mishmash thingumy.

Preordered since… looks at yellow worn receipt stub 10-9-03. =P

The odd thing is that I do not have my X-box currently, did a game system swap with my boyfriend. I probably wont get it back for some time though. Oh well, I finally got to play ICO. BEAUTIFUL and lovely game! It was so nice and refreshing.

So I am patient, I can wait another month or so.

Hmm… well I admit I haven’t been bothered enough to preorder the game, but I’d certainly like to play it if there are any copies left by the christmas holidays.

Yeah, I’m with you on the Flood thing; I’m almost hoping that they don’t bring them back in Halo 2, and that we get to see more Covenant (and probably just more new enemies) instead. I’ve been avoiding spoilers though, so I guess I’m more interested in Halo 2’s enemies being a surprise to me…

I wanna know who voted for don’t care…

I pre-ordered the game a few months ago. It’s starting to seem I’m the only one who actually wants the Flood to return. I liked the way they used the “standard AI”, it made a nice change from playing against the Covenant.

Yeah, I appreciated the flood because of the (somewhat) dramatic change in fighting them from the Covenant. It took me a while to work out that the only thing that would effectively kill flood were the ballistic based weapons and that more rambo-esque/bumrush tactics were beneficial.
It made the later levels interesting with the You vs. Covenant vs. Flood. And they’ll have to bring 'em back, the potential for story is too good. Im expecting to see that pompus Guilty Gear again.

In about 5 minutes all major videogame sites will be launching their reviews on Halo 2.Even tho I already read the OXM one I’m looking forward to knowing what people’s opnions are.

Most other major Halo 2 reviews are up, it’s sitting pretty with a 98% average ratio on Gamerankings.com: gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/562116.asp

Decent scores, although Gamespot’s kinda sticks out at 94%. Some of the reviewers complaints seem a little screwy (like he says most Halo fans will play it on an easy difficulty…huh?), so I’d take that review with a grain of salt. Still, even a 94% is a damn good score. Only 33 hours to go! :anjou_happy:

I did. I’m not really an FPS person.

I voted kill, but that’s just because I’m antisocial.

@Solis : yeah I read a bit of their review.Apparently Gamespot thinks the story was a dissappointment whereas Gamespy thinks it’s the very best part of the game.

@Dopefish : Neither am I for that matter.Apart frmo Halo and Exhumed I didn’t really play any FPS more than once.