Gunstar superheroes

Sega just recently registered the trademark of GUNSTAR SUPERHEROES at the american patent office. The info is over at

Nothing has been mentioned if Treasure is behind the new game or not and which platform it will head to but it’s not a title I was expecting to see again.

Could a PDS sequel be that far fetched now?

My bet is Sega are making a new Gunstar Heroes game for Nintendo DS, although I could be entirely wrong. Maybe Sega will revive the “series” on a current or new generation console such as the Playstation 2.

they better not make it suck, i’ll be pissed if it isn’t treasure themselves handling it.

Interesting… I was just playing Gunstar Heroes for the first time recently and was telling Solo how much a sequel of this game would rock the other day. I so hope it’s happening :anjou_love:

It’s probably a portable game since Treasure is a very small development team who seem to be focusing on games requiring little investment but yielding a high return. Assuming Treasure is behind the game of course.

Speaking of Treasure, there is a review of the new Guardian Heroes game for the Game-Boy Advance available in this month’s Retro Gamer magazine (a publication wihich provides an excellent read if there ever was one, I’d reccomend it) - however, it only received a limpid and unimpressive 6/10. Whilst Retro Gamer celebrated that the game wasn’t simply a remake but had a compeltely new storyline, and was blessed with all the verve and character that made us adore the Saturn iteration, apparently the playing experience was spoilt by absolutely hideous slowdown. :anjou_disappointment:

It was probably rushed out. Treasure rarely makes sequels on principle anyway; they believe it stifles creativity.

I think Treasure was the only developer that took pride in not making sequels, which is why I was so surprised to even hear about a sequel to Guardian Heroes.

Well, whether they are opposed on principle to sequels or not, that doesn’t excuse shoddy product - especially when the entire game’s ruined because of one factor. If they made the conscious decision to produce a game, regardless of the subject matter, then they’d be expected to put all their effort into it. I’m surprised at how sloppy Treasure was really, it’s off-form for them.

The Saturn version suffered from limited slowdown too, so maybe Retro Gamer is exaggerating its effect - however, they’re a trustworthy bunch (and love Treasure - there was a sidebar, “Treasure-trove”, right beside the review) so I’d doubt it.

The new Gameboy Advance Guardian Heroes games isn’t average because of the slowdown, that’s the least of your troubles when you play it.
It’s just not a Guardian Heroes game, the mechanics have been changed completely due to the limited buttons of the GBA.
The Shoulder buttons are used for spells and you don’t have that sweet “plane shifting” mechanic of the Saturn game where you switched between the foreground, background or “middle” ground.
They replaced that with the generic “walk upwards and downwards the screen” of any average side scrolling beat em up. That makes it feel nothing like the original game. The characters are also almost identical to each other as far as melee combat is concerned except they all have their own variety of spells (which do make them different to each other) and starting stats.
There are also no multiple paths available to take through the levels now.
For the above and other reasons, it’s still a fun game but nowhere near the greatness of the original.

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]The new Gameboy Advance Guardian Heroes games isn’t average because of the slowdown, that’s the least of your troubles when you play it.
It’s just not a Guardian Heroes game, the mechanics have been changed completely due to the limited buttons of the GBA.

Which is one of the reasons i’m hoping that GUNSTAR SUPERHEROES is n’t headed for a portable machine. One thing is clear that Sega registered this trademark for the USA meaning that they intend to release it in the western markets and consider it a major game. I’m still hoping it’s a NGC game.

Well, even the GBA has enough buttons for a game like Gunstar Heroes (unless they want to add new functions that require more buttons) and I think the new portables have more, no?

Has this been shown before :anjou_love:

Nice graphics… characters and such look more detailed/larger than in the original even. I hope this doesn’t result in show stopping slow downs. The gameplay seems to be the same judging from the screenshots and that’s a good thing :anjou_happy:

Nice screenshots. I might have to pick this one up when it comes out if it turns out to play as good as it’s currently looking.

I’m worried about the slowdown… Guardian Heroes for the GBA doesn’t look as good as that and doesn’t have a gazillion projectiles and explosions going around alongside tons of enemies (though it does have many enemies) and yet still gets a lot of slowdown…

Then again, perhaps they are more familiar with the hardware now or perhaps it’s a higher budget title giving them more resources/time to make it…

It certainly looks great and true to the original so far :anjou_love:

Well treasure is sure to push the GBA as far as they can. ASTRO BOY:OMEGA FACTOR has to be one of the top GBA games out there in what Treasure crammed into it. That’s why i wish they were doing a home system game because they would make full use of whatever system they were developing on.