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Sounds good… But… No weapon combining… And I guess that means no upgrading either since that was combining the same type of weapon more than once :anjou_sad:

It should atleast be better than Guardian Heroes Advance and/or Astroboy… Hopefully Treasure is doing a better than last time effort to use the hardware well and not have the game hindered with too much slowdown.

I personally loved Astroboy.

I thought it could have been a true classic; the controls and moves available were excellent. But I didn’t like the level design and many of the basic enemies. The scrolling shooter sectlions felt like they were put in @ the last minute too, they just weren’t any fun at all. Talking about the GBA version btw just to make sure. I haven’t played its home console counins and I don’t think they were created by Treasure.

I haven’t played the console versions either. From what I read they were horrible.

As for the GBA version, the side scrolling levels did kind of just throw the same thing at you over and over again, but you have to admit the bosses were pretty cool.

Yeah I have to, but those were also different from the side scrolling part really, sure you wre still flying while fighting some of them but you had all your normal attacks too, not like it was during the side scrolling shooter levels.