Gun Valkyrie

That’s right.I ended up buying Gun Valkyrie and still saved a bit for a new controller (the one I have has a little problem with teh Left Trigger and I wanted a new one anyways).

I haven’t played much of the game but from what I’ve seen I can see what they mean when they say the game is tough.The controls are a little hard to get used to (and I still haven’t).

THe concept of the gameplay is wonderful.The graphics are great.The art is a little cliche and I sware I can see a bit of PDOrta level designs already :slight_smile:
The music can be either very cool,or stupid and repetitive.

You get to do a lot of air acrobatics and they say that if you get used to the controls you can actually complete entire levels without landing ionce!

It resembles Burning Rangers a bit.You have a special suit with boosters that can pretty much make you fly once you are in air (you need to jump first :P).

Since i loved BR I’m liking this very much also.Still it has a problem : do to the amount of turning, strafing, boosting and whatnot, in mid-air you migh get a little dizzy.I get a bit of headches after 2 hours of playin.

Well does any of you plan to buy/own this game?

Your toughts?

I was thinking about buying this game myself, but wasn’t sure how good it really was since it has received some mixed reviews…

I think it’s pretty good, but got annoying even though I haven’t played that much. I haven’t beat it yet though I’ve had it for months, I’m at the level where you need to get to the top of some swamp and kill an insect that’s projecting Dr. Hubble’s voice.

I get pretty far, but end up falling and having to restart which is just a pain.

Gun Valkyrie is by far one of my favourite Sega games of the past few years.

How this got mixed reviews I don’t know, though I suspect that a lack of dedication on the part of reviewers is to blame. Most of the reviews I’ve read barely mention the fact that you can remain in air for almost the entire game - if you’re good enough.

Basically, I was running around on the ground shooting things, thinking “well this blows”. It was until I saw the rolling demo that I immediately thought

“Wow, this is how you’re supposed to play this game?”

For hours of play, I’d been playing it all wrong - and as soon as I tried to imitate the rolling demo, it all became clear.

In terms of game structure, this and PDO share a lot in common: you receive a grade ranging from D to S depending on how fast the level is completed and how well you performed in general. Smilebit seem to have taken a lot from Nights into Dreams for their past couple of games, and there’s no harm in that :wink:

Buy this game, immediately. If you’re in doubt, know that it is cheap as chips these days, so even if you don’t like it, it’s no biggie. But honestly, please do persist with it.

Was the game ever released on the Dreamcast? I was under the impression than it was but finding a review of it on google search is impossible… Anyone that can confirm for sure?

No, there was never a Dreamcast release, you’re probably thinking of a different game.

It was in development for a while, and interestingly enough it was set to utilise the lightgun as well as the joypad - not sure how that would’ve worked out, but we never got to find out.

Development switched to the Xbox, probably because xbox had a great deal more in common with the DC, architecture wise.

Preacher I’m playin the game right now and I think that, like you did in the begining, I’m playing it the wrong way.I mean I can do all the roles and things but that right analog stick gives me hell on earth!

It’s too sensitive and I’m not used to inverted Y-axis.

Gun Valkyrie is easily one of my favourite games on XBox. Although it’s difficult to master the controls in the beginning, they give you more freedom in the controls than any other game in its genre. There’s a couple of videos on the site (Play Guide section) , which show how the experts play the game.

I’m seriously considering doing a fan site for it, seeing as there’s barely anything on the net that’s fan made.

Obviously it’d be difficult to make a site dedicated to just one game that has little hope of a sequel: there might not be enough content to make it worthy of a full site.

I dunno, it just depends.

thanks for the link D-Unit, some nice videos and - FINALLY! - some Gun Valkyrie wallpapers!

Just finished Gun Valkyrie.Very good game but it was short.

I dindt like one thing about it : why were you forced to use Kelly all along?

And how do you get Saburouta Lv.2?

EDIT:Ah… I see that Saburouta doens’t have a second suit.That’s bad :frowning:

So I need to collect all the Cores for Kelly Lv3 eh?Ok :slight_smile:

starts playin

Btw I leeched one of the videos from that site Donut and I must say I’m impressed.

How can those guys make all that gliding without even slightly going down?!!

I mean the reached Mobius states in the same hight!!

I managed to do some pretty good acrobacies but that is too much.I had to crack my control, always pressing that analogic d pad down all the time and sometimes my finger just slipped.

yayayayay i <3 this game so much

i’ve been playing it since its release. i think i’m pretty good at it, i did some score challenges with a guy over on the gamefaqs message boards… it was intense. if any of you guys are interested, why not head over to it here:

the board has stayed alive with a few spam threads and the occasional discussion. if think you’d like to try, post something about a challenge and we’ll probably take you up on it.

It’s an amazing game in my view. Controls could have been better, there’s some slowdown and its a bit short.

But other than that its a top game with some great (and huge ) bosses. the last boss took me a while to beat.

Love the look to this game too. Reminds me very much of Pazner Dragoon Zwei. Would love the see a part II, but it doubt it will ever happen :(.

BTW, the Dreamcast was going to use the light gun to shoot, and the Light gun D-Pad to move the characters.

From what I saw of the Dreamcast game it looked very good too

this is definitely one of my favourite games. at first i didn’t take to it – i found it generic. and then, like everyone else who dedicated themselves, i learned how to really play it. i also never had a problem with the controls – not even in the beginning – and i’m always surprised when people still bash them.

the gameplay is perfect; the music is amazing, except for the techno beat track(s); and kelly is a unique, well designed character.

it’s a true game for true hardcore gamers.