Guild Wars Concept art

Has anyone else heard about this game? I’ve beta tested for it the past 2 months and I decided to go to its site and I loved its concept art, I don’t know why, but I wanted to share it with you. Sorry, there’s only links, I don’t know how to post just a picture. … 15-lrg.jpg … 11-lrg.jpg … 02-lrg.jpg

I didn’t like the character concept art though.
I’m not sure but there still might be one more beta test if any of you were interested…though if you want to without pre-ordering the game, you have to get a friend’s pass from some one. And the last I heard, its supposed to have a world wide release at the same time.

That concept art looks sweet. I have been following Guild Wars, but I really wonder what type of impact it will make on the MMORPG community after the assault that was World of Warcraft occured.

Welcome to the boards also. :slight_smile:

yeah, what exactly IS guild wars? I’ve heard it mentioned quite a lot…
(please don’t link me to google or something x.x)

Guild Wars is an MMORPG but you are actually only with other people when you are either in a town or are with a party. Its still great and fun though. If you are with a party, certain items are assigned to people and since there is no one else on the same map as you (unless you’re in a party of course) while out of town, certain items will always be there for you. I also like the fact you can make your character dance…mines an elemantalist so he looks really dorky. The beta test for february had the necromancers headbanging but they changed that with the last one. Anyways, check it out at if you want more information. I’m always bad at explaning things.

It’s not really a MMORPG as such, it works a lot like Diablo II.

Ie, you have the cities with different identical looking so called “districts” (Diablo II had chat rooms instead of this umm… 3D chat room… lol) in order to meet with people, maybe trade goods and mainly chat.

Then, when you want to, you either join a quest area alone or form a team of up to 8 people (never more) to tackle the mission together. Quest areas are generated privately so you will never meet another player in them aside from your own party or if you went in alone, noone. *(much like Diablo II except in that, anyone could join your started game if it wasn’t passworded, be it friend or foe)
On top of that there’s various competitive type game modes where several teams together can take part in them (ok, this was missing from Diablo II but it doesn’t make it a MMO as such).

So, not really a MMORPG.

Still it may be good fun, I played the first E3 gameplay test. I liked the way you could only bring a certain number of skills per battle and you advance by finding more of those skills to get. Kind of like building a deck in a card game.

The graphics of course are also likable since they look amazing (though I find that as you keep playing you end up using camera angles that don’t do them justice making them kind of unneeded…).

What I don’t like (not just in this game but in all games of the type) is the limited character type selection… It has a lot more customizing options than Diablo II but in my opinion it’s still quite limited. When a game like this is being created they should make it a priority to create many, many, many classes so that, in casual play, it will seem no two players are the same (or almost the same).

Also, it will have no monthly fees (it shouldn’t really since it’s not a MMORPG and the server stuff work almost identically to Diablo II - they are the guys that made for Blizzard after all) but they will be releasing expansions every 6 months or every year. So, basically that’s where they’ll get the $ from, since you’ll either have to buy them or lag behind the majority of the players that willl likely buy the expansions and gain access to areas and items you won’t be able to have…

You’re right that its not really an MMORPG but thats what everyone’s been calling it so I cought up in it too. I’m still unsure how a guild war works, I know there’s games like capture the flag but does it go two guilds against eachother or just different teams within the same guild? I missed the guild war my guild was going to have but I’m not sure if they even went about doing it. Anyways, in guild wars you can zoom in and out with the scroll wheel on your mouse and I don’t know if they’re going to fix this (I hope they don’t) but I found a way to play it in first person though you see just ahead of your character so you can’t see thier arms or anything. I found to do this, all you need to do is sit down and then zoom in all the way and your character will stand up. Then just use the wsad or arrow keys for movement and the mouse to change direction and look around. Or do D2 style and click where you want to go. I didn’t see any fixed camera if that was what you were talking about.

Besides that, if that was what you were talking about, your exactly right. It’s not exactly an MMORPG but its still fun.

I almost wasn’t able to do beta testing or even play this when it comes out since I wasn’t planning on buying a new comp anytime soon. Then I ended up buying one since I was sick of our old one. And now I can play it with everything on the highest quality with barely ever any lag! :anjou_happy:

I didn’t mean a fixed view… I just meant that in normal gameplay I found it more comfortable to play with a more zoomed out and almost top down view which didn’t do the graphics justice…

I didn’t know of that bug (or whatever it is) for the first person view, it must be neat. I can’t test now anyway, the test I played was open to everyone, not a pre-order thing.

I hope they don’t fix the first person thing, it was cool but I’ll let you know if they did with the next beta test. I just found out about it woot! But the only way I’ll get to play is if EB ever gets my damn pre-order package, I’ve only been able to play the last two from friend’s passes. Thats the same reason I had to use the friend’s pass the last time. DAMN YOU EB!!! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

Also, when you said test play at E3 I knew you didn’t mean the betas for pre-orders, just to let you know. I’m also trying to annoy them enough to get them to allow players to ride the striders, they look like off color chocobo’s so it’s a natural urge for me to want to ride them. lol

hmmm cool, thanks both for the description
Sounds pretty neat, almost like PSO i think (never got to play that though)

The last MMORPG i played was Graal Online. I might give guildwars a try whenever i get the time!

YAY! If you’re looking into it as an MMORPG also take into mind what Al3xand3r said.

I still haven’t played one MMORPG in my life.Guild Wars?I’ve heard some good things about it but to tell you the truth I’m sick of the clicheness in MMORPG’s in terms of game setting.You know medieval/magic.

Very few MMORPGs use that setting actually (well unless you count all those random Korean made ones but those don’t get very known usually - except for the likes of Suikoden II…).

Oh, and, again, Guild Wars is not really a MMORPG. More like MORPG (not massively).

Really?Ultima,World of Warcraft,Dark Age of Camelot,Dungeons and Dragons Online,Everquest II; most names I know are in such settings.

Anarchy Online has been out for years and takes place in a futuristic world called Rubi-Ka, a world that actually has two suns and features an ever-continueing struggle between the Omni-Tek corporation, and a bunch of disorganized rebels who are opposed to it, with some players who have chosen to play a neutral character in between. There’s also EVE Online, which is nothing but spaceships but more or less shares the MMORPG styled gameplay. City of Heroes is neither of the above, just an alternate reality of a just-barely-in-the-future modern setting. The Matrix Online is similar in concept to City of Heroes.

There’s just as much variation in MMORPGs as there are standard console RPGs. And it’s not like these titles are obscure either.

Exactly.I’m not beeing a hypocrite here believe me.If you take PSO,Matrix Online and SW:Galaxies I don’t know any more non medieval/magic MMORPGs.

Granted I know there are more but I never heard of them.Granted I’m not particularly well informed.

Yea, I don’t like a lot of games in a medievil setting. I agree that its getting old but I can deal with Guild Wars. The problem with most mainstream MMORPGS being set in an alternate medieval time, is that it won’t stop until people start to want something else. So until we, the consumers as a whole (or at least most of us), stop buying MMORPGs that have the same type of setting, they’ll just keep making more.

To restate what Al3xand3r has been saying, this is not truley an MMORPG, but it needs an internet connection and feels close enough to one so that I don’t care. :anjou_happy:

There are also alot of games that have this clich?d setting and aren’t MMO. There is Morrowind (NEVER BUY!!!), Champions of Norath (which was made by the people of Evercrack), Fable (which dissapointed me but was still fun), etc. There are quite a few more like the Dungeons & Dragons games. But there is a similarity between all, no matter which sub-genre it has, the parent genre is always RPG.

and if its free, we should all get it and go questing! If the games like what i gathered that is…

Maybe the people from this forum that get it could start a guild? It is pretty fun. The only thing we would need to decide on is who would be a guild leader, who would be officers (unless we all are and just other ppl that join outside of the forums would be our lower members, we get capes if we’re officers), and our symbol & it’s colors. But we’d first have to gain enough gold to make a guild and even more aftewards for a guild hall, but that shouldn’t take too long if we pooled our gold.

Thats a great idea. The symbol could be something Panzer inspired, like a Empire or Craymen emblem spin off. I’m pretty psyched that the game won’t need a super computer to run it seeing how the min specs are 800 mhz and a 32 mb video card.

And the game as far as i’m concerned will be free. This paragraph was copied from the game site.

"Will there be a subscription fee for Guild Wars? Are there any other fees, such as for patches or updates?

There will not be a subscription fee of any kind, anywhere in the world and there are no hidden fees. You will not have to pay for the streaming updates that will take place on a regular basis, nor for additional content that we will provide between the chapters of Guild Wars."

[quote=“Al3xand3r”]Also, it will have no monthly fees (it shouldn’t really since it’s not a MMORPG and the server stuff work almost identically to Diablo II - they are the guys that made for Blizzard after all) but they will be releasing expansions every 6 months or every year.

So, basically that’s where they’ll get the $ from, since you’ll either have to buy them or lag behind the majority of the players that willl likely buy the expansions and gain access to areas and items you won’t be able to have…[/quote]

And, of course, you still need to buy the initial game so it’s not free at all. It just doesn’t have the regular monthly fees of MMORPGs. But, why should it when it’s not a MMORPG? :anjou_sigh:

That quote you pasted does say “between chapters” which pretty much implies the new chapters themselves will not be free.

There’s this one as well:

[quote]How much will Guild Wars cost? How much will additional chapters cost?

Guild Wars will be priced at a comparable cost to other first-tier PC games. The subsequent chapters of Guild Wars will also be comparably priced in relation to other games.[/quote]