Guardian mysteries

the guardian creatures are one of the things i find most interesting about the PD series and have some questions about them. but first i need to clear some things up:

the tower, shelcoof, uru tower, and the cradle were all Towers, right? each had a guardian capable of interacting with it to gain tremendous power and size (Uru had several bosses inside of it but i don’t know if those were guardians)?

i remember reading somewhere that the golia and nuse were guardians of shelcoof too. were they secondary guardians or just powerful ancient creatures that shelcoof called upon to aide it?

not all ruins are towers, but could standard ruins have guardians as well? such as ran-doula, the boss at the begining of the ruins in PDO, or the laser resistant mechanical creature in PD1?

Here’s a few answers for you:

The short answer is: The PD1 Tower, Shelcoof and the Tower of Uru were Towers, and the Cradle was a Cradle :slight_smile: The Towers were massive environmental regulating devices, whereas the Cradle was simply a huge genetic-engineering factory.

Strictly speaking, I think that all of the pure-type monsters within a ruin count as its “guardians”, and some just happen to be larger and more powerful than others. Most ruins tend to have one large, main guardian though, which “conveniently” forms the boss for that Episode / area :wink:

EDIT: And yes, the Nuse (and some sources say the Golia) did come out of Shelcoof, so they’d count as its guardians; though they’d presumably be of a lesser status than Shelcoof’s main Guardian Dragon.

Yep, they’re all huge pure-type monsters stationed in ruins so I think it’s safe to label them all “Guardians”. Ran-doula’s official English name is actually just “Guardian” too, BTW.


i merely assumed that the cradle was a tower because abadd transformed his mare into a huge thing with it… but true towers regulate the environment…

there is a big ship in zwei (not shelcoof) it is black on the bottom with blue lights. i thought that that is what the nuse came out of, but maybe it was just a shelcoof groupie ship. you can see it in the first level, and i thought you could see it in one of the cutscenes before the sea of ice level (i love that music).

If I’m correct, what you’re referring to is actually a very odd kind of pure-type monster (which has never actually been given a name) - some pure-types look more like ships than creatures, like the minor sub-boss in PD1 Episode 6, for example. But yeah, that’d be another one of Shelcoof’s many guardians, and if I remember correctly the Nuse did indeed swoop down from Shelcoof just before Episode 5.

That black thing is simply suposed to be a carrier.Even the Golias use them…

Anyways, you are not the only one thinking thta maybe the CRadle was a Tower too :slight_smile: I used to think that myself.

And yes, the fact that Abadd’s Mare came evolved upon cocooning (or whatever) there was what lead me to believe in that too.

Smilebit where just looking for an “excuse” to make another almighty big ruin with an almighty evolving guardian dragon guarding it.Until they come up with an explanation for a possible Tower reactivation that is…