Guardian Dragon/Dark Dragon/Atolm

Who/which is cooler, and/or who/which would win a fight?

Personally, I found the Guardian Dragon immensely cool, but only really once it was fully armoured. The Dark Dragon had this wicked aura of some kind about it, and it was pretty nifty when it ‘supersized’ as well.

Atolm was just always a mean mutha! :anjou_happy:

What do you all think?

Well, assuming they were all at their optimum mode (Guardian Dragon, Dark Wyvern (my name :anjou_happy: ) and Atolm with his orbs and laser array, here’s what happens…I think Dark would win. Because he has a forcefield that neither of the other two have, so he would last longer. Plus, he doesn’t have a weakspot like the other two.

Yeah, the Dark Dragon was pretty cool, especially with it being a Solo Wing as well.

I have a bad memory, even though I completed Panzer Dragoon not that long ago - what force field are you referring to? I’m sure there is one, but I just can’t remember it very well.

I can’t really decide, myself; all three of them are so damn cool! I think it would be really close. I haven’t made my mind up yet about the battle part.

But I do think that the Guardian Dragon just looks the coolest. Still can’t decide between its music and that of Atolm, though! :anjou_happy:

I’ll be interested to see what other members think, too. Thanks for your post, Arcie!

Well, my favorite is Atolm, but they are all incredibly cool. They also fight in very different ways, I think it’d be a damn close.

The Dark Dragon has it’s shields, yes, but it can only sustain them for a few seconds at a time, so they’d need to be timed very well if they were to be of any effect. His weapons aren’t up to much though, the missiles are easy to destory before they reach you, and his pulse laser things are fairly slow moving. He is very fast though, which could make up for his lack of effective weaponry.

The Guardian Dragon would actually be pretty useless in it’s powered up mode, as the thing is just so damn massive, and doesn’t have all that much defense, so afew attacks from Atolm and the Dark Dragon would kill him pretty easily. However, in his other for (the one with the kick-ass laser-wing things) he is extremely agile, so the other would have a bad time just trying to hit him.

Atolm, isn’t as out-and-out fast as the Dark Dragon (who you see speed away from you at ridicous speed when you beat him for the first time in the first game), nor is he as agile as the Guardian Dragon, but he can do something they can’t: teleport. He is also the most heavily armed, with a tonne of berserk attacks. The Dark Dragons shield would also be ineffective against him, as he can use status clear. However, although he is by no stretch of the imagination slow or clumsy, he lacks the sheer speed and agility of the other two, so he may have difficulty hitting them.

I think that Atolm would possibley win. Possibley. But it’s be a damn close (and awsome) fight.

Darky - the Proto dragon would kill them both in a blink of an eye.

How the hell does the Dark Dragon have shields? I don’t remember that.

PD1 final boss on Hard mode, Dark Dragon fires up a shield if you lock onto him the full 8 times.

Is Dark Dragon in PDS or PDZ? I don’t remember him (or don’t know who we’re talking about) - haven’t played the first game.

Between Guardian and Atolm, I’d have to go with Atolm; lets not forget those enormous wings he gets, or the fact that he can regenerate his orbs (in addition to the other cool abilities mentioned here). Guardian, despite having some of the coolest audiovisuals in computer game history, is a bit of a wimp. He has sparkly stuff that the Grig Orig could dodge, a feeble laser, a reasonable berserk attack that he normally forgets how to use, and an unfortunate habit of napping whenever anything hits him in the face :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of the Grig Orig, who else is up for dragging it into this brawl? And its infested counterpart :slight_smile: I always wondered how Atolm would fare against them…

If Atolm knew every berserk attack the player knew, it would be a no contest. Imo.

The Guardian Dragon looks really cool, though…

Interesting to see the Dark Dragon getting so much support here, although I’ll admit it does look pretty solid!

I think Atolm’s cannon would really throw things off, though…! :anjou_wow:

Atolm gets my vote. He’s just a BIG badass with a cool arsenal.

Guardian Dragon definitely gets second place though.

Guardian Dragon is the coolest.
Atolm would kick both arses (Do they have arses?)

I could argue that Darky and Guardian were the only ones who could stand a chance agehnst the Solo Wing Dragon.

And since Kyle was an experienced hunter (used to use wepons unlike lundi) he would make the most powerful SoloWingDragon+Rider combination.

So that means they would be the tougher opponent.So that means that Darky’s the best :slight_smile:

So what is the Dark Dragon? Is it in PDZ or PDS? Any screenshots (or other images) available?

Dark Dragon refers to the dragon you chase throughout PD1. He gets pretty well mashed up during the final boss battle, so no reappearances, although the spiritual form of the Solo Wing dragon form in PDS looks like him. As far as images go, here’s a nice pic from Lagi’s site:

I’m sure there’ve got to be some screenshots of the thing floating around somewhere.

Yeah, and the Proto Dragon (is that an assumed name made up by fans?) is the final form of the Dark Dragon, which was given lots of extra armour and armaments by the Tower at the end of Panzer Dragoon.

It’s official considering it’s an expresison use din PDO’s PanDra’s Box.

Oh, thanks Gehn. I have yet to play Orta, so I never knew that. :anjou_happy:

Technically, it was first called that in Saga during the final Boss, when he uses the Fused Prototype D attack.

You could argue that it was first called that in Panzer Dragoon 1, as “Dragon Type One” (D Type 01) and “Proto Type Dragon” (Prototype D) are really just different ways of writing the same thing… but of course, that would be pedantic. :slight_smile: