GTI Club + and other coin-op ports

Just downloaded the demo for PS3, and by god do the memories come rushing back. I used to play this as a child in Glasgow Airport A LOT and honestly its been a while since the words “Time Extended” have rung in my ears.

It’s made me realize how much I miss coin-op ports, as I now have the urge to take my Saturn out of its box and throw in Daytona USA, just to hear “Rolling Start”. On a random note, play the Rolling Start audio track on with the pitch shift all the way up and it sounds like “Holy F**k”, I was nine years old when Santa brought me my Saturn so a bit of immaturity is to be expected.


I might just get a new Saturn from eBay actually. A white one perhaps…

Ported by SUMO DIGITAL nonetheless, the masters.

Even if SEGA have settled with THQ for the XBLA OutRun game instead (Oh god, it is going to suck).