I stumbled upon the trailer of this game after I noticed people praising its art style. Quite a few people here liked Journey so I imagine this might be of interest to them, as it kind of feels like a 2D Journey. Suffice to say that the game looks absolutely stunning.

This is the description on the store’s page:

Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities.

GRIS is a serene and evocative experience, free of danger, frustration or death. Players will explore a meticulously designed world brought to life with delicate art, detailed animation, and an elegant original score. Through the game light puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional skill-based challenges will reveal themselves as more of Gris’s world becomes accessible.

Looks interesting. I’ll have to pick it up on GOG some time.

There’s also a Switch version. No other platforms announced as far as I’m aware.

Wow. Impressive. Reminds me of Journey.

I like the art style but come on…it’s clearly a rip-off of Journey…

Go to 09:35

Even the main character has the same cloak/leg design. That’s why when I see things like that it makes me not want to have anything to do with it…I mean just give her an normal dress and regular legs. It’s clearly a copy, without the hood…

Overwhelmingly positive reviews. The only reason I haven’t picked this one up yet is due to finishing some other games first. I look forward to it.

I recently played through Gris - beautiful game. I won’t spoil too much here, as I think it’s better to experience it for yourself, but much of the game is about bringing colour back into the world, with a minimalist, non-spoken narrative.

There are some similarities between Gris and Journey; Gris takes inspiration, but is ultimately its own thing. In particular, Gris is more puzzle focused, although there’s seldom points in the adventure where you’ll become stuck. Gris keeps the gameplay and mechanics simple so that the player can focus on the feelings associated with the journey. This game is about emotion.