Great visual effects on the Sega Saturn by Sega Lord X

This is a really good video if you are curious about what the Saturn was really capable of. The Saturn is by far my favorite console. I wanted to thank Sega Lord X for making this video. He shows the translucency effects that were rendered in Burning Rangers to create translucent fire effects, which are 2D but seem 3D. They still amaze me even today.

Most of the big Transparent effects in Burning Rangers are 2D because they use the VDP2 and display its plane vertically. Nice Video. Here are some of my videos showing off the Saturn power

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I concur. Sega is also my favorite system, unfortunately it died, so I sent it to the Rings of… LOL. I run my games through an emulator…WOOOWOOO!!!.. Hey wait Pooh, it’s my turn on Burning Rangers…silly old bear… Peace and love and thank you so much for this site. I’ll do my best too promote it. Get it. Got it. Good.

That Savaki looks interesting. It seems to have realistic animations/body movements.

It looks really nice and runs at 60 FPS. Sadly just the one background mind