Great to have the site back

Thanks for all the hardwork putting it bak up solo. I’ve missed it here. ^^

Ditto, you obviously have a full plate Solo thank you for being so dedicated to keeping the flame burning.

We’re not worthy! grovels

Agreed. Love to you, Solo-boy.

Home sweet home :anjou_love:

It’s good to see things back to normal.

Indeed, even though I’ve gotten a bit distracted for a while. >.>;; hides PSO

Yeah its great to have it back .

Cheers Solo

Am I the only one disgusted with these news?!


Me: Hmm, I haven’t checked The Will of the Ancients in WAY too long, let’s see what’s new…
Computer: NO! HAHAHAHA!
Me: :anjou_sad:

Yay! It’s like putting my favourite slippers back on and reclining in an evening chair next to my faithful hound…o.O
Alternatively, it’s great to have the place back!

Thanks Solo ^^

I may just have been one of the first ones to be on…I dunno…was all old posts when I discovered it was back though.


About ****ing time…

Seriously though, good to be back.

Nice to have everything back the way it should be. Thanks Solo.

Good to be back indeed.