Grandia III. Clear to see GameArts liked Skies of Arcadia ;)

OMG this is beautiful.
Just a couple of hrs in, and its amazing pure GameArts magic all the way .
Graphic wise its some of the best you?ll see on the PS2 and on any current gen RPG for that matter. , all running at high res 60 fps (cut scenes) with some of the most beautiful environments you could wish to see . Clear to see GameArts loved Skies of Arcadia , because there are parts straight out of that game .
Iwadare works his magic again on the music (though its no a patch on Pt II) and the battle system is the best in the business .
Add in typically delightful cast of GameArts characters and storylines and you have a top RPG.

Great to see GameArts back on form :).

Wonder if the big S will ever be inspired to release a sequel to this game that everyone seems to be taking bits from.