Grandia II is getting an HD remaster, coming to GOG and Steam

I remember playing this game on the Dreamcast. One of the big RPGs for the console. Apparently there was already a PC release years ago, but this version updates the game to HD, adds controller support and other modern PC game features.

I probably won’t replay this, but it’s nice to see more Dreamcast games getting re-released. Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue next, please.

never liked grandia 2

It’s strange how a lot of jRPGs in the late 90s got PC ports soon after their initial release. This is awesome news though, I’d love to see more Dreamcast (and Saturn) games get the same attention.

I love how nowadays you can expect a PC port for an old console game out of the blue. Valkyria Chronicles was a real treat. It’d be incredible (even if it is a bit of a stretch) if JSRF, Orta, and GunValkyrie made it. Not enough love for the Xbox exclusives.

It’s now out. And you can import your save games from a Dreamcast VMU. Neat feature.

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Seriously? That’s amazing that they would include such a niche little feature. I hope Shenmue HD takes notes if that ever happens.

It would be a particularly useful for Shenmue III to support something like this. It’s one thing to be compatible with the same game, another work with a sequel that may have a fundamentally different inventory though.